Heros Wanted: You could win a $60,000 scholarship for your Hero-In-Training!

As moms, we all love toys that not only provide entertainment, but spark our children's imaginations as well! Lucky for us, Matchbox® fulfills both requirements by providing our kids with unstoppable adventures and the durable vehicles and playsets to tackle them, from fire trucks to dinosaurs to police cars in pursuit! To commemorate its 60 year anniversary, Matchbox® is kicking off a three-month national campaign to honor heroes-in-training - the children who play with, and inspire, Matchbox®. The campaign includes the Matchbox® Heroes Wanted™ Promotion with a hero-sized $60,000 college scholarship as the grand prize!
It's a really fun contest that calls on parents to celebrate the heroic attributes of their children by submitting a picture of their child dressed as their favorite real-life icon, along with a caption explaining why they are a true Matchbox® hero. Anyone with a child between three and 10 years old can enter the contest now through May 13, 2013. Submissions will be showcased on the Matchbox® Heroes Wanted™ Facebook gallery and are automatically entered to win the grand prize - a $60,000 college scholarship! Sixty prize pack giveaways will be awarded weekly consisting of a Matchbox® branded gift box, a personalized photo-frame thank you card and four heroic Matchbox® vehicles. To learn more about the contest and read stories from the heroes that inspired Matchbox® vehicles, we invite you to check out http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001jmNOpGOZR8P6oFfIJdog2dy_F-bf8rVmJwcH93lfVShBI9U_967ioxdcq3Tlnq63WH-_L3dzZEJAqOP3z0TT_9ZwPS6Jp_br70p8qeNg3zuAAppNnoUjsw1FudGzonaf.
Good luck! And, if you submit an entry for your child/children please come back and comment with a link to your entry so that we may all enjoy it.


  1. It always amazes me that toys that were around when I was young are still around! Just proves how good they really are! That is some grand prize they are offering!!

  2. Wow it is hard to believe Matchbox has been around for so long! I think it is very impressive they are offering such a big prize.

  3. it shows the hard time they gave on this matchboxes to make it look adorable

  4. This reminds me of the matchbox collection that my husband gave to our son, he had those since he was a kid.

  5. my 3 year old loves to collect small cars but he is starting to collect hot wheels though. cool matchbox giveaway. http://www.jollytoes.com/

  6. I really like this contest, too bad my son is only 13 month old! Good luck to whoever may win in this contest!


  7. Wow thats great! I hadnt realized that matchbox had been around for so long! I also love how they are supporting such a great cause! thanks for sharing. :)


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