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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a very common diagnosis among children. Common symptoms of ADHD include hyperactivity, impulsive behaviors, being inattentive, or any combination of the three. ADHD affects the child, as well as the entire family. It affects the child at home and at school. Given the proper tools, it is a treatable condition. ADHD in children is prevalent in those aged 4-17.

Having a child with ADHD is a challenge. First, trying to figure out why a bright young girl such as my granddaughter, was being disruptive in school and often getting in trouble for her impulsive behaviors. Talking too much in class, getting in trouble on the bus for disruptive behavior was just the beginning. She was having trouble keeping up with her assignments and homework was a nightmare at times. .  Despite having her privileges taken from her, the behavior continued until she was diagnosed with ADHD. I wished I had known about Lifescript and the typical behaviors when she was experiencing these outbursts at school and at home. A child with ADHD was the last thing I was expecting to hear after being screened by her teacher at school and a questionnaire sent home for me to answer and take to her pediatrician.

She was prescribed medication and that scared me, since she was only six years old. But at this point I was willing to try anything. ADHD was affecting her grades at school and I knew she was a very smart girl. She was taking only one pill a day, in the morning after having her breakfast. What a difference it made in her life, as well as mine. Her grades and her behavior improved, She was more attentive and less disruptive. Before her diagnosis, she could not concentrate long enough to get her work done in a timely manner. Until I read an  article on, I always thought that sugar played a role in her ADHD  .I now know better. If she had not been diagnosed with ADHD at such an early age, her education was surely at risk. This was unacceptable to me.

During the course of her first year of being a child with ADHD, her medications had to be changed. Some were too strong while others had no affect on her whatsoever. But, I was taking her to her pediatrician regularly and he made the adjustments accordingly. Now, five  years later she is thriving in school, an avid reader, aspiring artist and cook,  and I could not be prouder of her for all she has accomplished.

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