POM Wonderful Review

If you are looking for beverages to put in your child's lunchbox,  POM Wonderful is a great choice.  POM Wonderful is made from the juice of two fresh California pomegranates.   Bursting with flavor, POM Wonderful also comes in a very convenient 8 ounce size.  This is a great size to put in those lunch boxes.  Or if you are on the go, it is handy and convenient to carry.

If you have not tried POM Wonderful, you are missing out on a very nutritious and delicious juice.  It is packed with flavor and has only 150 calories per serving and zero fat.  Yes, I said zero fat!  It has one serving of fruit in each portable 8 ounce bottle.  Not watered down juice, like some juices on the market, it is 100% pomegranate juice.  I love the shape of the bottle.  It is easy to hold and the plastic bottle is BPA free. I have been a fan of POM Wonderful for quite some time and when they agreed to send me  the 8 ounce bottles to sample and review, I was happy to accept.  Living in the South, I am always looking for something to quench my thirst,  POM Wonderful is a great thirst quencher and I feel satisfied and hydrated after I drink it.  If you have not tried POM Wonderful, look in your grocers cooler section for POM Wonderful in the convenient 8 ounce size.

With school starting back, I think this would be wonderful to include a POM Wonderful juice in your child's lunch box or even send for a snack. My son loves POM Wonderful and I am glad I can provide him with a healthy alternative to all the juice boxes and pouches on the market.

Have you ever tried POM Wonderful?