$25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway

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Check out the Running in Running out sale at Publix, valid until October 25th. Save on your favorite brands and spend $30 on specific items to get $10 back for your next shopping trip! See more info on my post here: http://www.beautiful-incentives.com/2013/10/publix-running-in-running-out-sale-my.html

I love shopping at my local Publix and my favorite item ever is the potato rolls from the deli. 

What are your favorite brands to stock up on at Publix? 

Enter to Win a $25 Gift card to Publix! 

Good Luck! 

US ONLY  10/22 - 10/29 12 AM EST


  1. Milk, yogurt and bread we are always there buying

  2. I love to shop for meat and produce at Publix!

  3. I buy all of my groceries at Publix. Love it!

  4. My favorite thing is their fresh produce! and I like their fresh bakery bread!

  5. Cat food, cleaning products and body wash are my favorite things to shop for.

  6. I love the publix produce department because everything is fresh. I also cant resist their deli fried chicken

  7. My favorites are seafood and produce!

  8. love the yoplait yogurt and can never have enough fresh vegies and fruit


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