Ivanabitch Vodka Review

If you are looking for a great tasting vodka with a bit of attitude, then look no further.  Ivanabitch Vodka has a flavor for you.  I was lucky enough to get 3 flavors.  I received Whipped Creme, Lemmon, and Red Berry.  Talk about good tastng vodka, I drank this by the shot and needed no mixer.  But, enjoy at your own pace.  

The Ivanabitch Whipped Creme flavor tasted like a sweet marshmallow in my mouth.  I have never tasted anything so good in my life, as far as a vodka goes.  I do not usually drink vodka by the shot, but Ivanabitch makes such great tasting vodkas.  If you have never tried a flavored vodka, I highly suggest the Ivanbitch Whipped Creme flavor.

The Ivanabitch Lemmon was great.  It tasted like a nice smooth lemonade.  If you are a fan of lemon then you will love the Ivanabitch Lemmon.  I mixed with real lemonade to give it that extra kick.  And, indeed it did kick, with an attitude.  Try some Ivanbitch Lemmon the next time you are craving that sweet, yet tart flavor of lemons.

Last but not least, the Ivanabitch Red Berry was a great tasting vodka, too.  IIknow, this sounds monotonous,  but it is true.  I like the rich taste of berries that enhanced my drink. I  had a lemon-lime soda to mix the Ivanabitch Red Berry with and it was fanastic!

Here is a list of the flavors that Ivanbitch carries:

Traditional:  Vodka with an attitude
Lemmon:  Pucker up baby and wrap your lips around this!
Whipped Creme:  "The Closer"  ( this is my favorite so far)
Red Berry:  Ripe and ready to rock your world
Dutch Apple:  Ever been hit in the face with a Granny Smith apple?
Coconut:  It's a total beach in the glass.
Orange:  Squeezed to please
Blackberry:  Let's get wicked juiced
Peach:  The only thing missing is the fuzz!  ( I really want to try this one)
Vanilla:  Boring just got a wake-up call
Cherry:  Cherry flavor with no stems attached
Tobacco:  Put some attitude between your fingers
Menthol Tobacco:  Time to get your cool on

I cannot wait to try some of the different flavors Ivanabitch has to offer.  Ask your local package shop to carry Ivanabitch if they do not already.  In the meantime check them out on Facebook or their website.