Bean Bag Chair Outlet Giveaway | Holiday Gift Guide 2013

One theme that seems to be central for the holidays, and for winter in general is warmth. I know most of the US gets really cold, and people just want to snuggle up inside, where it's warm, and spend time with the ones they love.

So for Christmas Wishes I had to include something that would be perfect to make those cold nights a little more cozy. There is nothing like having one place in the house that everyone is drawn to. That is what is so great about the Large Royal Sack from The Bean Bag Chair Outlet.

This fabulous sack is about 4 feet in diameter, so there is plenty of space to snuggle up, alone, or with someone you love. This is filled with super plush shredded foam for optimum comfort and support. Although it may look like a large and fancy bean bag, there's no beans about it. This is so much more comfortable than a bean bag.

I chose the Tiger Fur cover, and it is gorgeous and super soft. It feels like a combination of velvet and fur, it is luxurious. Better yet, the cover is removable, and the foam is contained within an inner-liner, making washing a breeze. When you have young children, that is vital.

My daughter gets everything sticky somehow, but now I never even have to worry. No matter what she does to this sack, I can take care of it with an unzip and a quick wash. I love how practical that is.

The only "flaw" I have experienced with this sack is that we all love it. While that is clearly not a flaw, the fact that my daughter thinks it belongs to only her is. She gets mad if anyone else gets on it without her approval.

Her approval is only given if she is on it too, and all attention is on her.  It is actually really irritating how possessive she is of it, but it makes her so happy that it is hard to be upset about it.

When miss diva actually lets us on there, it is so cozy. She, her brother and I can all fit on there comfortably. This is where we have our story times, and it is wonderful. Sometimes hubby and I cuddle up on it after the kids are in bed.

It is amazing how much happiness and bonding can come about from one piece of furniture. Weather it be snuggle by the fire, reading a book, or watching a holiday special, the Large Royal Sack makes any activity more special.

So this Christmas, give a gift that the whole family will love. Give a special place perfect for bonding and create special memories that will be cherished far beyond the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

As part of the Christmas Wishes event I am giving you all the chance to win a Large Royal Sack for yourself(or someone you care about). Enter below for your chance, and be sure to check out the LINKY, which features all of the other epic giveaways in the event. There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be won.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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