Kush Sack Bean Bag and Matching Kush Stool Giveaway | Holiday Gift Guide 2013

By now I am sure that you gathered that the Christmas Wishes event is a collection of all the very best holiday gift ideas. Obviously, I could not have such a collection without including one of the most desired items that I have ever reviewed.

Earlier in the year, I did a review for Kush Sack Bean Bag Chairs on their 6ft King Kush and matching 2ft Kush Stool.

The response was unbelievable. Everyone wanted one. I certainly can see why. My family LOVES ours. It is like home base in our house. Everyone wants to be there.

My husband likes to try to relax on it after a long day at work, and while the King Kush is super comfortable and relaxing, the atmosphere rarely is, because it draw the kids in like a magnet, especially when Daddy is on it.


We all adore the King Kush, but our daughter might love it more than anyone. I know that she never wants to let anyone on it without her, not even her brother.
She even has to copy his "relaxation" pose. Little miss diva thinks she's the boss and the owner of everything. 

The King Kush is amazing though, so I get why she would want it all to herself, although there is more than enough room to share. This epic throne is a whopping 6ft in diameter, making it more than fit for a king.

The King, Queen, Prince and Princess all fit comfortable on this throne, when the Princess allows it of course. They use it for royal story time, royal movie watching, and even royal naps, in the case of the Princess.

This amazing piece of furniture is so much more than that, it is a bonding space, a stress reliever, a learning zone, a home for stuffed friends, and so much more.

Not only that, but it is a beautiful piece of decoration in our home. It matches out couches and rug, but thee grandiose nature makes it stand out. It makes the whole room look more put together. Since I have never been the decorating queen, I love having such an easy, yet drastic, way to update my home's look.

In fact, I will be doing so again within a few days when I had a second King Kush and Stool to the living room. We all love this one so much, that I felt that another one would be double the fun, comfort and relaxation. Plus it will help us actually be permitted by my daughter. She could have one all to herself if need be, and us three would all fit perfectly on the other.

I went with a lighter brown this time(which also matches my rug), that way it will compliment my other furniture without having to be too much of the same color. This color is gorgeous.
I already have the cover in my possession, and it is infinitely more stunning in person. I wish that the foam had arrived already so I could show you how fabulous this looks all together with everything else in the room(I don't even have to see it to know it will). I will post pictures for you all when it arrives.

The style and the family togetherness are incredible, but it all comes down to one thing, really, Comfort. There would be no reason to get this if it was not something enjoyable to sit on. Enjoyable is an understatement though. This is blissful, transcendent, luxurious and about 100 other adjectives. It is literally hard to find words worthy of the King Kush experience.

While this may look like a dressed up, over-sized bean bag, it is really anything but. There are no gritty beads("beans"), All Kush Sacks are filled with ultra-plush shredded foam. It is like floating on a cloud while being perfectly supported. 

There is no sticky, stiff, vinyl cover. The beautiful Kush Covers are made of premium micro-suede or micro-velvet, so they are amazingly soft and smooth. The fabric hugs the chair, so you never have cover lumps or other unsightly or uncomfortable issues.

Better still, the Kush covers are removable(easily), and the foam is all self- contained in an inner-lining, so washing the cover is easy as can be. Having young(and VERY messy) kids, being able to wash the cover is essential. The covers(or cushions even) do not come off on our sofas, and that was a big mistake. Cleaning them is a nightmare. I never have that problem with my lovely Kush Sack.

Also, it seems that the Kush cover actually resists stains, because my daughter has gotten every sticky and messy thing you can think of all on top of the Kush Sack, and only a very small amount has actually stuck enough that it needed water to come off. Kid resistance is like a miracle, especially around my kids.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for the ultimate gift for ANYONE on your list, young or old, man, woman, or child, the King Kush Sack is probably the best thing you can choose. I guarantee it will please.

One of you will get to find out just how fantastic the King Kush really is. As part of the Christmas Wishes event, we are giving away a 6ft King Kush and a matching 2ft Kush Stool to one very luck winner. Enter below for your chance to win.

Be sure to also check out all the other magnificent giveaways in the Christmas Wishes Event. There are 10 other wonderful bloggers hosting giveaways, and there is a plethora of incredible prizes to be won. Good luck!

*Although I received a King Kush to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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