Magic Castle Bounce Castle | Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Summer may be over, but that does not mean all the fun has to end. In fact, it is only beginning. If you remember back in the summer I did a couple reviews for Blast Zone, on an inflatable water slide and a bounce castle. Well the kids LOVED them. So much so, that I wanted to repeat that fun for them with one for their Christmas gifts.

I will admit, I did have an ulterior motive too. I love the water slide, maybe more than they did. The Bounce Castle they have is the smaller one, and as much as I wanted to join their jumping fun, I was afraid I would pop it, so I had to refrain.

I decided that giving them a bigger, better Bounce Castle would mean more fun for them, and for me. It was a no brainier. This time, I decided that I wanted something with a slide, so they had the best of the water slide(sans water) and the bounce castle all in one.

I got the Magic Combo 13, which is a commercial model.

This thing is HUGE! I was pleasantly surprised by how large it is. It came on a palette and weighs almost 300 pounds. That is a lot of bounce house fun.

What I love is that the jumping room is actually large too. I have seen many that look big on the outside, but the inside is so much smaller. This one is very spacious.

I also love that it has the mesh sides. Not only with that help keep it cooler in the summer, but it also allows you to look in and out easily. That is good because my daughter is often afraid to be anywhere that I am not in sight, although it is so awesome that I will pretty much always be inside jumping with them.

Unfortunately for the kids, they have not seen this yet. I put it up to check it out one morning before they woke up, and it is now hiding away in the shed until Christmas. Lack of their presence certainly did not stop me from taking it for a test bounce. It is fantastic.

I got the commercial model specifically so that hubby and I would be able to jump without worrying about destroying it. I am so glad that I did, because this is so well made. Aside from the massive size, the reason this weighs so much is because the material is so thick and durable. The material is not the only thing that is heavy duty about this, the seams are reinforced too. Blast Zone's exclusive manufacturing technology increases impact seams to 30 oz.

When I was jumping, I felt all the bounce and support that I always got in rentals as a kid. That means it is a strong for me as an adult as other commercials are for a child. This is impressive.

The slide is a blast too. It is large enough that I can actually slide(and not just be at the bottom and the top at once). y kids are going to LOVE it. I am actually concerned that this will try to spend the entire time sliding. That is how fun it is. If they do, I guess there is more space for me to jump, lol.

My husband loves this too. He saw it when I put it up and he jumped for a minute. He kept trying to push me into giving it to the kids early(because he wants to use it now). I never thought I would see him so excited about a "toy", it is so sweet.

Overall, this is the quintessence of what a bounce castle should be. It is big, durable, super bouncy, it looks fantastic, it includes a patch kit(although I find it hard to imagine this getting damaged) and heavy duty metal stakes. It is so easy to put up. It inflates in just minutes with the awesome commercial blower that is included.

I love that although it is powerful, it is not gigantic, making it an eye sore or a storage nightmare.

The only thing that should be advised, is that this is very heavy, and it is quite large, even deflated, so if you want one of these amazing commercial Bounce Castles, just make sure you have plenty of storage space(and maybe a helper to move it in and out of storage).

This is going to be arguable the best gift my children have ever received. I know one of these would be a dream come true to any child. That is why I select Blast one to star on the Christmas Wishes event. We will be giving you all the chance to win your own incredible Bounce Castle.

The giveaway is for the residential model, the Magic Castle Bounce Castle, since it's a little more appropriate for any family.

This is sure to make one lucky family very happy. Enter below for your chance to win, and be sure to check out the rest of the amazing giveaways in the Christmas Wishes Event(HERE).

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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