Bean Bag Chair Outlet & Spring Fling Blog Pop Giveaway Event

Spring is in the air and so are the giveaways.  I am so excited about this event and I hope you are, too.

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. The Spring Fling Blog Pop event is upon us. If you don''t know what that is or have not been anxiously waiting for it's arrival, that is a serious problem that, luckily, I am here to rectify.

Spring Fling is an event tat is hosted by myself and 10 other fantastic blogs. It is 4 days long starting today (April 9th) and ending on Saturday(April 12th). Each of the 4 days all 11 of us will each be posting a new giveaway(and review) on our respective sites, and there is a linky on each site(just go to the Spring Fling tab) that will bring you to all of the incredible giveaways.

All of the prizes are out of this world cool, so you are not going to want to miss any of them. Are you excited yet? I know that I am, so let's get down to the fun part. I decided to kick of the event with one of the hottest giveaways for our last Blog Pop Event. The Bean Bag Chair Outlet is back with an even bigger giveaway!

The giveaway will be for a GIANT XL Royal Sack!

I had the pleasure of reviewing this, and it is every bit as fantastic as I had hoped it would be. After reviewing the Large Royal Sack over the holidays, I already had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I new the quality would be superb and the comfort would be outstanding, but the size is even bigger and more impressive, and this velvety chocolate brown cover is so gorgeous.

Another thing that did not surprise me in the least is that my kids, especially my daughter, love it. My little girl immediately claimed our first Royal Sack, and this one quickly followed suit. As soon as she laid eyes on it, she claimed it as her own. "Tina's beanbag" she proclaimed, and proceeded to put her new possession on display(as if she was modeling it), and proceeded to lounge in it as well.

I can see why she loves it so much, it is seriously comfortable. If it was a little longer, I'd probably sleep in it. I know that she could, and probably would if I let her.

Any kid would love to have something so grand to call their own, but the XL Royal Sack is really a treat for the whole family. Not only will each individual member love to get cozy in this, it is perfect for increasing family togetherness. My husband or I and both of the kids can cuddle in this all at once.

It is perfect for Story time or movie night, and hubby and I like to watch movies together after the kids go to bed. The XL Royal Sack makes any seated activity better. When miss Diva allows me, I love to sit in the Royal Sack as I type up my reviews on my laptop. It certainly reduces my back pain that other seating frequently causes me.

None of us can get enough of the XL Royal Sack, and I love how gorgeous it is. It matches my couches, rug and decor, and goes great with my large Royal Sack as well. It is like an accent piece and visitors are always commenting on it.

Whether you are looking for a cozy family time spot, a throne for the man or woman of the house, a kids dream come true, a beautiful decoration or a mix of all of the above, the GIANT XL Royal Sack is perfect.

That is why I am so excited to give one of you lucky readers the change to win one. Just enter below for your chance win this incredible prize. Good luck!