Blast Zone Spray N Splash 2 Water Park Review & Giveaway

Another fantastic giveaway from one of my favorite brands, Blast Zone.  This is a must have item for the summer months ahead of us.  Who wants to win a Blast Zone Spray N Splash 2 Water Park?

If you've followed my site for awhile, I am sure you have seen my past reviews for Blast Zone. If that is the case, I must assume you've been dying to own a Blast Zone inflatable for yourself. The Blast Zone giveaways are always THE hottest giveaways I host, and for very good reason.

With spring upon us, the weather is starting to warm up. In our case here in Florida, it is already getting incredible hot much of the time. Naturally, finding ways to enjoy time outdoors while still staying cool is challenging but quite important, especially when yo have kids.

My kids love to be outside, but I need to keep them from overheating, keep them from wandering and keep them happy and active. As challenging as it may sound, actually doing it is even more difficult. With a 2 1/2 diva who tries to be the boss of everything(and always wants to be independent). and a nearly 7 year old with autism, I need to have two eyes on both kids at all times, not to mention be within arms reach.

It's rare that I find things that they both can do together happily, without fighting and without getting hurt. Out of the very few activities I have been able to do with them both, Blast Zone is responsible for 90% of them. Their products are just so much fun. They are incredibly high quality and they are safe.

I've never had more confidence in any brand I don't think, at least not for my children. I've never had a bad experience with Blast Zone. Not only are their products second to none, but so is their service.

With the hot weather coming, I knew just where to go to get my kids something to make their spring and summer magical. Since my kids are very rough on things, I wanted to get them a commercial water inflatable this time, so I went with the Mystic Mountain 18, and let me tell you, it is IMPRESSIVE.

I was blown away by the quality of this slide, and I was really shocked by how thick and durable(and HEAVY) it is. In fact, it was actually heavier than I was bargaining for making it a little more of a workout to set up and take down than I was prepared for, but it is so worth it.

Blast Zone is so amazing that they even sent along a dolly to help me move it, which is a lifesaver. As much as I LOVE this slide, I would recommend that if you are just looking for something for everyday home use, to go with a residential unit, as this is a lot of work. I've owned a residential water slide too, and the kids loved it just as much, and it was amazing quality too.

But back to the Mystic Mountain 18. It is out of this world awesome. As soon as the kids saw it their eyes almost bugged out of their heads and my son said(with a voice of astonishment), "It's the biggest slide in the world!" He pretty close with that claim, it's taller than our house(by like 6 feet).

The slide can be used both wet and dry, which is great because even in cooler weather you can get a lot of use from it. I made the "mistake" of having them use it with water first, and now that is their favorite way. When I let them try it dry, they still liked it, but not as much. I don't think they understand it's meant for both and thought I was trying to gyp them or something.

Check out how much fun they had on it with the water. I had to literally make them come inside when it started getting dark, lol. It had already been like 4 hours at that point. They wanted to play on it all night.

Little Diva wanted to slide, and I took her several times, but she is not able to climb up on her own, and I was worried she'd get hurt if she tried, but she still had a blast going with me and hanging out in the landing area below. It was like her own mini pool.

Jr. loved the "pool" area too, she was sitting, laying, jumping and splashing up a storm.

Of course, Jr. could slide on his own, so he was having a blast doing that too. He was a little apprehensive at first using his arms and legs to regulate his speed, but he loosened up and had fun every time.

Every time he "landed" he was so excited about making "a really BIG splash!" It was so precious to watch him, and little sis was entertained just by seeing him have fun. She adores her big brother.

I love how much fun they have on this fabulous slide. I had a great time too. I have yet to go down solo since little diva always wants to come along, and I can't get wild with her for fear of hurting her, but I plan to go to town on my own one day soon and see how much fun I can really have. Even with a tag along it is a blast.

As I mentioned, the kids, especially Jr. were not as excited for the dry run, but they still did have fun.

I know they will love the dry slide just as much as the water slide as soon as they get over the trauma they suffered by me trying to let them try something different, lol. They may even grow to love it more since there is less chance of slipping and then can jump around more without me doing so nervous(and telling them to stop).

In fact, little diva was using the center leading up to the steps like it was a moon bounce. The whole time saying "boing, boing". It was too darn cute.

As I mentioned before, the only thing that is even somewhat of a flaw is the huge size and weight for me and hubby to handle. But that only comes from the superior quality, and durability of the design and the materials. I would be more upset if it was light and thin. This thing is made to last.

I wish everyone could have the pleasure of enjoying this Mystic Mountain Slide(party at my house anyone?). Although I can't do that, I can do the next best thing and give one of you lucky readers the chance to win a Spray N Splash 2 Water Park of your very own.

Enter below for your chance to win this incredible prize. Good luck!

*Although I received this item at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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