LifeLock Can Help with September Self Improvement

September is national self-improvement month.  Time to focus on your well being and focus on things in your life that need more attention. With kids back in school, I need to manage my time wisely and create some schedules for myself while they are back in school.

Having a schedule and sticking to it will assure a stress free day!  And, no stress equals happy in my book.  I know we all want  happiness in our lives. 

Another component of being stress free is knowing the health of your credit.  LifeLock can help you with that.  With all the data breaches with major companies lately, did you wonder if you shopped at that store during that time period?   LifeLock notfies you of any breaches. 

LifeLock can help.  In this digitally connected world,  the new LifeLock Ultimate Plus program offers several new activity alerts to add peace of mind against identity fraud.

If you use your home computer for music file sharing or downloading videos, you are opening up a BIG hole that will allow identity thieves to steal your information, such as: passwords, tax files, baking or investment documents.   LifeLock protects and notifies you against file sharing network services.

What is your number one scare about having your identity stolen?  I know mine is having my bank account wiped out and my credit cards maxed out.  LifeLock is always working for you.  they make sure your information is secure and notifies you immediately of any unauthorized activity.

When you enroll in LifeLock, you can stop all those unwanted  pre-apporoved credit card offers from coming in the mail.  I know when I have received such offers in the past, I always shred that mail.  LifeLock makes sure those offers never even reach your mailbox, protecting your identify even further.

Take the time this month to check out LifeLock and all they have to offer.  Help  yourself to be stress free and improve the quality of your life knowing LifeLock is providing you with identity theft protection.  Lifelock has generously offered my readers a 10%   discount code: LifeLockSafety  Use this code and enroll in LifeLock today.  Make sure you are healthy and your credit is healthy, as well.  

So, my question to you is:  What is your number one scare about having your identity stolen?