Purex Crystals FLASH Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE Purex Crystals!  It makes your laundy smell so fresh.  One lucky reader will win!

I was so pleased to receive this item for a review! I love my Laundry to smell amazing and as well be clean. I received the Well Being scent and it smells like amazing orchids and that smell lasts for weeks! Simply put it in your washer along with your detergeant for a fresh scent everytime!
This bottle of Purex Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz helps your laundry smell clean and fresh. Pour the Purex Fabric Softener Crystals directly into the drum with your laundry at the beginning of each wash cycle to infuse your fabrics with freshness. Purex crystal softener, lavender blossom is good for 62 loads. The long-lasting freshness of Purex Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz is suitable for getting rid of heavy odors in towels and active wear. These Purex fabric softener crystals are safe for children’s sleepwear and safe for all laundry machines, including HE washers.
Purex Complete Crystals Lavender Blossom Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz:
Sixty-two loads
Works great for towels and active wear
Safe for children’s sleepwear
Long-lasting freshness
Safe for all machines; HE compatible

Mmm made my towels so fluffy and refreshing!
The mini crystals smell amazing!

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