Blast Zone Misty Kingdom

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The holidays are almost here, it's time to jump in. Does jumping seem a bit overzealous? Perhaps you're more laid back and would prefer to slide into the holidays instead. Or maybe you are even more enthusiastic an would rather take things by the the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom ball pit that is.

You see, no matter what your personality, the Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer has you covered. If you prefer jumping, then the bouncer section has you covered. If you like to be surrounded by balls(who doesn't really?), the ball pit are is perfect for you. If you like sliding, there is fabulous slide for you. If you like it wet, the Misty Kingdom can get wet. This wet/dry inflatable combo does it all.

If you like to have the happiest kids you have ever seen, the Misty Kingdom can deliver. Any kid who wakes up to the Misty Kingdom on Christmas morning(or any other day), will probably wake any neighbor within ten miles with their cheers of joy, excitement and gratitude.

I know that the Misty Kingdom will be an even bigger hit with the kids, and I cannot wait to see their faces when they go outside to find it waiting for them on Christmas morning. In fact, I bet my face will be pretty priceless too, as I watch them with a mixture of joy for their excitement and jealousy that I m too big to join the fun.

The novelty aspect of Blast Zone inflatables is pretty apparent. Obviously having your own person bouncer to make every day feel like a party is fantastic. However, if that was all it was, it would not make for a good product. Blast Zone products are not just bouncers, they are high quality bouncers, made by a company that truly cares for it's customers and firmly stands behind their products to guarantee your satisfaction.

With Blast Zone, you never have to worry that you will have a problem and be out of luck and have to take a loss. If anything should come up, Blast Zone has you covered. To me, that peace of mind is a gift in itself. My opinion has always been that a product is only as good as the service of the company who makes/sells it. By that logic, Blast Zone is still an incredible company.

If you are looking for an extravagant gift that is sure to be a dream come true to every child in your home(and all of their friends even), then the Misty Kingdom is the quintessential choice. It is the complete package. Boasting a bouncer, ball bit and slide(dry or water slide) and a splash pool.

The Misty Kingdom is made with commercial grade vinyl so the bounce and slide surfaces are built to last. The massive splash area along with climbing, bouncer, and slide structure can accommodate up to 6 children at one time with room to spare.

The Misty Kingdom inflates easily in only seconds with the included UL listed blower. Only your own hose and the water tube included are needed to get the splashing started, and the Misty Kingdom even minimizes water use with a built in flow restrictor. It even comes with the stakes, a carrying case and a patch kit, plus an instructional DVD.

While this is big fun for even the biggest of kids, it is created to be safe for even young children. The stay closed "door" on the bouncer ensures that a child will not fall through the opening. The small slide leading to the bounce area ensures easy entry and exit from the bouncer, for children of any size. Children can easily navigate from the bounce area to the bigger(water) slide safely.

There is no need to exit the bouncer area or climb from the ground. That not only keeps the bouncer cleaner since no dirt or grass will be tracked in, but it is safer because even if someone should take a little fall, the will land on the soft, bouncer surface instead of the ground.

Everything about the Misty Kingdom is designed to be fun and smart. I can't get enough of Blast Zone's inflatables, and neither can my kids. We are going to have the best, bounciest holiday yet thanks to the Misty Kingdom. If you are still shopping for a gift, you could make someones entire year by choosing the Misty Kingdom.

And speaking of making someone's year. Blast Zone has been so generous to offer a giveaway for a Misty Kingdom inflatable as well. One lucky reader will win this amazing all in one bounce extravaganza. Enter below for your chance to own this incredible item.
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