Enjoy Hair Care for Men Review & Giveaway

I had the pleasure of reviewing three products from Enjoy Hair Care for Men.  I received the all purpose  men's shampoo, men's build-up remover. and the men's sculpt.

My son has reached the age where his hair care is very important to him.  Although, I am the one who washes and cares for his hair, he always looks in the mirror when he gets out of the shower.  I know the last time I took him for a hair cut, he was very interested in the young man in the chair next to him  getting his hair spiked.  

I was very happy with the results when I used these products on my son's hair.  His hair was squeaky clean and very shiny when I used the all purpose men's shampoo.  It cleaned his hair and it rinsed out very well and left no residue.   

I decided to try to sculpt product and see if I could get some spikes in his hair.  He doesn't enjoy me doing anything to his hair because of sensory issues, but he laughed as I tried to spike it up with the sculpt.

All in all, I really liked these products from Enjoy hair Care for Men.  You can check them out here and the social media accounts listed below!