Kansas City Steak Company

Nothing better than a great steak!  Kansas City Steak Company delivers just that, GREAT steaks and more.  Happy to be able to offer  my readers this great giveaway!

Are you hungry for more great gift ideas? If so, you are in luck, because I am always willing to feed your desires. If you did not catch on to my incredibly witty puns, the next item on the Christmas Wishes special will be food. This is not just any food though, these just so happen to be mouthwatering gourmet steaks from Kansas City Steak Company.

I have seen and heard a lot about Kansas City Steak Company over the years, but I had never taken the chance to try them. I am extremely frugal when it comes to most things. I am willing to spend a lot on items that I know are worth it, but initially, I am very skeptical.

I always said to myself, "steaks are steaks, the ones I buy from the store are just as good and I can get twice as many for that price."  And I said "I can make my own side dishes, why would I buy them already made?" I was a bit clueless as it turns out.

I recently tried several products from Kansas City Steak Company, and now I realize just how significant the quality difference is. It's the equivalent of a frozen pizza to a fresh NY pizza, there is not even a fair comparison.

Kansas City Steak Company has been in the business of providing the highest quality meats and other foods since 1932. It's no surprise with that reputation, that they are able to also offer the best value(for that level of quality) around. When I actually looked deeper into the cost, I realized it was not even as high as I had thought. Although after trying the products, I realized it was worth every penny and more.

I tried a great selection of products, and I was able to get a really thorough perception of Kansas City Steak Company and their products. To say I impressed would be an understatement. The products were all incredible.

I tried the Fillets and Strips combo, which had 4 bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, and 4 Kansas City Strips. Both boxes of steaks also contained original steak seasoning, which was fantastic. I certainly did not want to ruin an incredible gourmet steak with bad seasoning.

While I fancy myself a very good cook, I seem to always have trouble cooking steaks except for on the grill, and we were out of propane, so I had to cook them inside. I was so worried I would mess them up, but I followed the directions in the booklet they sent, and they came out perfect.

These were basically the best steaks I have ever eaten, even counting ones from a restaurant. I never thought I would be able to make one this good myself, and I happy that I can now thanks to Kansas City Steak Company. Now when I finally get to cook a whole meal(and not just a side dish) for my husband's family, I will be able to serve something fitting for such a special occasion.

As much as I would love to eat just steak as a meal(and I have done so before), for a family dinner, I will, of course, need a proper side dish, something equally delicious as the incredible steaks. That is where the decadent Lobster Mac & Cheese comes in.

That is something I would never attempt on my own, but having it ready to heat presented on the half shell for a beautiful presentation, it is literally effortless. It was also one of the best things I have ever eaten. It may have been better than the steaks.

It so creamy and indulgent. The looser is fresh and buttery and the breadcrumbs are crispy and so flavorful. This is AMAZING.

 And of course any gourmet meals deserves a decadent dessert. Nothing could be more fitting that these incredible cheesecake bites. They are so delicious. Just like the Lobster mac & Cheese(and the steaks) the presentation is fabulous. They are almost too pretty to eat. They even come in a lovely gold gift box.

Unlike most people, I adore my in-laws, so I am so looking forward to presenting them with an amazing meal that will be flawless and stress free with the help of Kansas City Steak Company. They are kind enough that they would appreciate anything I made them, but I know that they will love this meal because it is amazing and not just because I made it.

If steak, lobster and cheesecake are a bit fancier than what you happen to be looking for(we only eat like that on special occasions), you may think you have not need for Kansas City Steak Company. I used to think the same thing. I did not realize that Kansas City Steak Company has such incredible burgers as well.

The burgers also include the amazing original steak seasoning, which makes the flavor explode. My husband and I are burger fanatics, and these were some of the best we have ever had. That is saying a lot, because I do make an excellent burger.

These are so much easier though, since the patties are pre-formed and the seasoning is in the box. Just thaw, season and cook, so simple. During the holidays, I need all the shortcuts I can get, and this is a huge help.

They are amazingly flavorful and juicy, especially for being previously frozen. Any other patty that has been frozen(that I have ever tried) is complete garbage, but these are incredible.

Of course burgers are always better with fries, and Kansas City Steak Company knows that. The package I got was the burgers and fries combo, which included their Kansas City Steak Fries. They cook from frozen, are already seasoned and come out crispy and full of flavor. The perfect compliment to their amazing steak burgers.

These items are only a very small representation of all the wonderful products that Kansas City Steak Company offers. Best of all, there is always some sort of deal. Sales, bundle packs, promo codes, so many ways to save.

If you are still looking for a gift for almost anyone on your list, a gourmet delight from Kansas City Steak Company would be an excellent choice. The best part is that there is still plenty of time left to order in time for holiday delivery.

Many companies need you to order by like right now to ensure delivery for the holidays, but there are still 11 more days to order from Kansas City Steak Company and get holiday delivery with standard shipping. There is even more time if you choose expedited shipping.

One lucky person will not have to order at all, because Kansas City Steak Company has been gracious enough to give away a gift box of 4(8oz) Fillet Mignon to one lucky winner.

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