School's Out for Summer Event

Welcome to the School's Out for Summer Event!! I know lots of kids and parents will be happy to know that school is over.  I am one of those parents.  I love this giveaway because it has something for everyone.
We have three awesome prizes up for grabs, which means three winners! These would certainly keeps the busy this summer!!

Prizes are:

Wooden Play Set arv: $1075.00

Sand Box arv: $189.00

Playhouse arv: $480.00


  1. I have be spending the summer playing with my grand daughter outside. She is loving discovering how fun water, dirt, sand, etc is. I love being able to witness the aww oh her face when she discovers new things.

  2. I'm looking forward to spending lazy days at the beach!

  3. Sleeping in lots of cook ots and swimming. :)

  4. I'm most looking forward to playing at the beach and pool with the kiddos.


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