Back To School With Kohl's $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Partnering with our fellow blogger at Andrea's World, Reviewz & Newz is promoting this giveaway.  One winner will receive $100 Kohl's Gift Card to buy their favorite back to school items.

Kohl's has everything I look for in a retailer for back to school. They have a huge selection of name brands, an their prices are second to none. I love being able to find supplies, clothing, shoes and accessories all in the same place, from all the brands I want, all with the best price.

I love my designer brands. I am a huge fan of Juicy Couture, and I love Kohl's has such a vast selection of their clothing and accessories. Best of all, Kohl's prices are much better than the prices the Juicy Couture sells their own products for at their website and in their stores. So at Kohl's, I cant get double the Juicy Couture excellence for the same price as I would normally spend. Like this stunning Stella Women's Watch.

This watch is amazing. I cannot wait to show it off everywhere I go. The timing is perfect, too. We are going on vacation next week to visit my husband's parents. I have never been out of the state before and plan to see and do everything. I want to look my best on all of our outings, especially since there will probably be lots of pictures. I also love to make a good impression with my in-laws.

When most people think of saving money, they don't think of designer watches, but Kohl's has a huge collection of designer watches. Not just Juicy Couture, but Micheal Kors, Jennifer Lopez and many more. I think for older students it is the accessories that make the biggest statement. Everyone has a favorite outfit, but a person can't wear the same outfit every day.

A great accessory, though, can be worn every day and add flair and personal style to every outfit. Not to mention that many accessories are also practical. Arrive on time and in style with the perfect watch. Carry yourself with confidence and carry all your essentials with the perfect handbag, shine bright without being blinded with a fabulous pair if sunglasses. Be you and be beautiful with amazing accessories from Kohl's.

If you never knew all the amazing brands and products that Kohl's offers, both in store and online, you have truly been missing out. You will never want to shop anywhere else after you see all the amazing things you can pick up at incredible prices from Kohl's. Be warned, it is almost and addiction.



  1. I do. My daughter and I love Kohl's. I like their clearance and coupons the best!

  2. I do shop at Kolh's. I love getting pants and shirts there for my girls and I love shopping the clearance clothes.

  3. I shop occasionally there online, many times for my work clothing. I do not have a store near me but they have some awesome sales and I do get their emails and keep up with them

  4. Only shop mostly clearance items & clothing .....

  5. We do shop at Kohls' often. I like their sales and the cash back offers.

  6. I do shop at Kohl's for back to school. I like the styles of the clothing and the prices.

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  8. We did go shopping at Kohl's for back to school items. My girls love shopping there for clothing and I love the prices!

  9. yes! I love the great coupons and discounts they give. we love their backpacks.

  10. i love shopping the amazing deals on clothing at kohl's

  11. Yes, we love Kohl's! They have cute clothes!

    Jasmine P


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