Kushyfoot Prize Package

KushyFoot-1024x1024       An outfit is never complete without the right leg wear and Kushyfoot provides the ideal finishing touch for dresses, skirts, pants, and even shorts. Kushyfoot helps to enhance the look of your legs and wardrobe. They carry extensive style options good for any occasion you may need, and their careful construction helps provide you with comfortable feet and hosiery solutions no matter what type of shoe you’re wearing.   Fall is here and with it comes the excitement of updating our wardrobes with new fall/winter fashion trends. Kushyfoot tights and leg wear options are the ideal accessory to include in your cold weather wardrobe. The Kushfoot Fall-Winter 2015 Legwear Wardrobe Essentials is perfect for both style and warmth.   Enhance your legs and wardrobe this season with looks and accessories from Kushyfoot leg wear and foot wear. Their modern construction creates style, while at the same time providing comfortable feet and hosiery solutions.   This years seasonal highlights include: the fishnet, ribbed and diamond patterned tights which really pop on the leg sending a trendy message; opaques which are perennial favorite and available in several classic colors; fleece tights and fleece trouser socks that are a winning look with skirts and dresses; and all trouser styles which in addition to a pants accessory have now become a forward look with skirts and dresses. Flats to go are a must have when traveling, partying and on the go. They fold into a tiny, almost weightless case which works well in a tote or handbag so they are handy when shoes become uncomfortable. a