I and love and you Pet Food Giveaway

I want the best dog food out there for my Atlas.  I thought I was feeding him the best until I found I and love and you dog food.  It is a very nutritious and healthy food for your furbabies.  Mine sure loved it. I want Atlas to be healthy and the I and love and you brand will do just that. 

ILY makes wholesome food and treats for cats and dogs, including kibble, wet, and homemade dehydrated  selections that your pet will love!  Who knew you could get such great quality foods, formulated by holistic veterinarians with the highest standards, right in your local grocery store!

Check out this awesome trial package I received for Atlas .I am so happy to be introduced to this brand.

ILY’s ingredients include many things we humans look for in our food: grain-free, real meat as the first ingredient, prebiotics, probiotics, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors – all to promote optimum health for your pet. And their food is made in the U.S.A.