Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact Blender System Giveaway

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I love the holidays! I don't really want for much of anything, so receiving is not really important to me at all. I do love to give though. I love to put thought into getting something to show my family and friends just how well I know them and how much I care about them. It's fun to shop for things you don't normally get to buy. I especially love the family togetherness and all the fabulous holiday food and drink. I love to entertain, but most of the family is not local, so we only get to do it around the holidays. When I entertain, I make the most of it. I am always looking for the perfect recipe or an improved presentation, and any tools that can take my celebrations to the next level. This year is shaping up to be my best one yet. That is because this year I have the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact Blender System.
Now I will not only be more efficient, my recipes will all turn out better than they used to. As someone who not only wants to impress my guests, but also loves food and wants the very best to enjoy myself, great results are very important. That is why the Auto-IQ technology and Smooth Boost are such a great features. No guessing, just perfect results every time.
This system will help me create so many delicious concoctions. Not only will I be able to make cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, juices and frozen coffee drinks, but I can make dough  for fantastic cookies and breads. I can make ice creams and dairy free frozen desserts (like banana soft serve and almond milk delight.)

With the Nutri Ninja system I can also make more savory offerings like soups (I made the most divine butternut squash soup), salsa, hummus, guacamole and more. Since this system chops too, I can save tons of time. Chopping by hand takes so long and gives me hand cramps. I love that I can use the Blend and Prep Bowl to make drinks for several people at once, or I can use the 24 oz. stainless steel cup or one of the two 24 oz. Tritan™ cups to make a serving for just one person. That way everyone can get exactly what they want. That is perfect for me when I am not entertaining too, I can blend and drink from the same container. Less dishes to wash is ALWAYS a perk.
Best of all, the Nutri ninja Pro Compact with Auto-IQ is not just great for entertaining, it will be great for almost daily uses all year round. When I actually get back on my healthy eating plan (in the new year probably, I love holiday goodies too much), this will be wonderful for healthy smoothies and juices and protein shakes. I can make veggie soups and healthy home made hummus and healthy veggie sauces. The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ blending system would make a fantastic gift for any chef or cooking enthusiast,  anyone looking to eat healthier and make more things at home (like affordable green tea fraps without the artificial ingredients, which are to die for by the way.) It would be a great gift for parents of a baby or young child for making fresh baby food, apple sauce and more. It would be great for the cocktail lovers and hostess. Honestly, almost anyone could benefit from this Nutri Ninja system, even if they never though they needed it. There are so many ways for this system to save time, energy and money. Thanks to Ninja's generosity, one lucky winner will get to see just how great this system really is. Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fabulous prize. Good luck. Be sure to check out all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE. There are 10 fabulous blogs participation, and thousands of dollars in prizes to be won. New giveaways are added all the time, and you won't want to miss any of them.