Shark Rocket Powerhead Giveaway

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Thanks to our friends at Andrea's World for this giveaway for a Shark Vacuum!
The holidays are here. It's time to deck the halls. As much fun as the decorating is, we cannot how important it is to also clean the floors. Of course that is not as glamorous as hanging lights and stringing popcorn, but it is even more vital. From fallen tinsel to evergreen needle to gingerbread crumbs and more, holiday fun can quickly turn into a Ho Ho HOrrible mess. The added mess along with the extra 10 things added to your daily to-do list can make for a not so joyful time. At least it could if the Shark Rocket Powerhead did not make holiday messes into holiday memories incredibly fast.
Remember when there was flour all over the floor from the cookies you let the kids help you with? Well you can easily forget the mess, the Shark Rocket Powerhead has already made it disappear. The memories of baking and bonding aren't going anywhere though.
The Shark Rocket Powerhead is so powerful. It proves that a vacuum does not need to be big, bulky or heavy to get the job done right. The Rocket Powerhead offers deep carpet cleaning. With fingertip controls on the handle, you can easily take it from carpet to hard floors and back and always get a thorough clean. The adjustable telescopic wand ensure ideal comfort for all users and makes it even more storage friendly. With very limited space in our home, every bit of space is important, so I love the small footprint this leaves in that respect. Of course since it is also so light, you can store it almost anywhere, because taking it out will not be difficult at all.
I really love the unique pop up dust bin. All it takes is a tap of the quick release foot pedal to access the bin and the press of a button to empty it. It could only be easier if the vacuum walked to the trash for you. It's in cases like this that simplicity can be the biggest luxury.
What I really love is that the brush roller is removable. Not only that but you can even rinse it off. That is a huge perk for me. A dirty roller really degrades the cleaning quality, so I love being able to thoroughly clean my roller. not only that but there is even a separate gentle touch hard floor brush roller. And there is even an optional on-board brush roller holder. Not only is the Shark Rocket Powerhead an essential for holiday prep (a clean home is the best decoration), but it would make a fantastic gift, especially for any moms and/or pet owners on your list. Everyone wants to spend less time dealing with messes and have more time for enjoying all the better things. I know, people think a vacuum is a bad gift. I have seen it portrayed on so many many shows, gifting a cleaning supply is like asking to sleep on the couch, but that is ridiculous. Anyone would be thrilled to have a vacuum as awesome as this. And anyone who would get mad at such a thoughtful gift deserves coal and nothing more. Shark knows just how generous it is to gift the Shark Rocket Powerhead. That is why they have been kind enough to give one away to a very lucky winner. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fantastic prize. Be sure to check out all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE. There are 10 fabulous blogs participation, and thousands of dollars in prizes to be won. New giveaways are added all the time, and you won't want to miss any of them. *Although I received the Shark Rocket Powerhead at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*