Chuck. E. Cheese Prize Package

We have partnered with our friends at Mysterious Ramblings to bring you this giveaway.  One lucky reader will win a Chuck E. Cheese prize package!

So, what’s the big deal about Chuck E Cheese, right? I mean, all they are is another commercial pizza chain, right?
Just recently, Chuck’s famous pizza had has a complete and total makeover.
I will admit – when I used to go to CEC as a young’in I remember the pizza being the least of what I looked forward to. Then I noticed the change in pizza in the recent years, and have completely been looking forward to the pizza, as well as the wonderful environment!
Check out this awesome video about how Chuck E Cheese’s new and improved recipe has made everyone love Chuck more than before, even the hard to please New York City! Go ahead and hit the share button while you’re at it.


  1. I like whack a mole.
    Jennifer Rote

  2. I love playing the color wheel

  3. I think the name is Skee Ball? The one where you roll a ball down an alley and into the scoring hoops at the end? Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  4. My son loves the Skee Ball games and the Basketball game.

  5. My family likes to play the skee ball game .

  6. We always played that you shoot water at a target and make boats move to the finish line, I don't remember the game. I would love to take my nephew

  7. I like the air hockey table in our Chuck E. Cheese.


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