Sun and Bugs. Smart Stuff Review.

I love warm weather. I love sending the kids out into the yard and letting them soak up the sun and enjoy the warmth. I am completely fanatical about slathering them with sunscreen before they head out, and reapplying as the day goes on. I'm almost as bad with bug spray. My oldest son is like a magnet for biting bugs, and for some reason, bug bites on him are always huge and awful looking and almost always leave scars. I want to avoid him getting bitten as much as I possibly can.

I always worry about the ingredients in products I use on my kids. There are a lot of harmful chemicals that have been proven to cause adverse health effects, and I like to try to avoid them. I try to find products that were developed by, or with doctors, to be as skin safe as possible. I try to stick with natural ingredients when possible.

When I was given the chance to try Smart Stuff sunscreen and insect repellent, I jumped on in. Smart Stuff was developed by a pair of doctors who were tired of dangerous chemicals in the products available for their family. As physicians, they understood how products were affecting the body at a molecular level, and they knew there had to be better, safer alternatives. Working with a team of skin care professionals, Smart Stuff was born. The first products developed were a mineral based, effective sunscreen and an all natural botanical insect repellent.

Smart Stuff Natural Mineral Sunscreen is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 sunscreen that uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient. It's waterproof for up to 40 minutes. It contains no synthetic chemical sun filters, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, or PABA. It contains no artificial colors or fragrances, which I really appreciate because I am very sensitive to strong scents and I get headaches from a lot of sunscreens. One of my favorite things about this sunscreen is that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. More than once I've noticed an oily film on the top of the water at my favorite lake, and I know it's caused by sunscreen. That can't be good for the ecosystem of the lake. I feel good knowing that my family isn't contributing to that.

During the last week of school, my son had a lot of outdoor activities. I always call getting sunscreen on, "getting greased up'' because of the oily nature of sunscreen. Smart Stuff isn't oily at all, but it's hard to change your ways. So, I made sure my boy was greased up before he went to school and sent the Smart Stuff with him so he could reapply during the day. He came home every day that week burn free. He did come home a little on the white side, because he applied the sunscreen a tad on the heavy side and it takes a lot of rubbing to get that whiteness to go completely away, but he was protected from the damaging effects of the sun, and harsh chemicals.

Smart Stuff Natural Insect Repellent is made from a blend of natural botanicals and extracts and helps to repel mosquitoes and deer ticks. Like the sunscreen, it is free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and PABA. It is also free of artificial colors and fragrances, though being made of botanical ingredients it has a light and refreshing scent. It is also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Unfortunately, my oldest had a chance to get out into the garden doing chores without using any insect repellent and got eaten up pretty bad on his legs. He had to wear long pants outside for a few days until the sores were healed up enough that he could use insect repellent. I wasn't positive that it was mosquitoes that were getting him, but I figured even if it wasn't the Smart Stuff might repel whatever it was even if it only states it repels mosquitoes and deer ticks. I had already been using it on the rest of the family and we were all bite free, other than my husband who did get a chigger bite while wearing the Smart Stuff Insect Repellent. After my son started using it, he didn't get any new bites. I honestly have not seen results this good from traditional insect repellents.

I'm definitely very satisfied with Smart Stuff sunscreen and insect repellent. They will be replacing the products I normally use, and I am looking forward to trying more Smart Stuff products.