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I've always been a die hard fan of Ninja blenders. Ever since the first time I used one, I was sold. When mine suffered a tragic accident and died, I was seriously bummed. My microwave died over a year ago and I have barely realized it is gone. My Ninja was gone for about 2 weeks before I was feeling its loss deeply. Making guacamole felt like a complete chore when I had to chop everything by hand. Not having my blended coffee drinks was unbearable. It turns out, I'm a spoiled brat and I whine when my Ninja dies.

When I was presented with the chance to try a Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ with smooth boost, I jumped at the chance. I eagerly counted down the days waiting for it to arrive. I spent the entire day stalking the front door at every little noise that I thought might be UPS. Once I finally had that Ninja in my hands, I felt unstoppable. This thing is the appliance equivalent of Superman.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do first. Grab some whipping cream and honey and make some honey butter for some fresh baked rolls? Salsa? 4 ingredient, 45-second ice cream? (Yes, you can make fresh ice cream in 45 seconds!) I opted for my coffee drink that I've been missing.

It's so luscious and creamy, and insanely smooth. You can't even begin to tell that a single ice cube went into making it. The Ninja turns ice to snow. It turns even the toughest fruits and vegetables to juice.

My favorite thing about this new system is that you just push a button for what you want and the Ninja takes it from there. The Auto-IQ technology takes out all the guess work on how long and what speed you should be blending. Do You want to make a salsa? Add the ingredients and hit the Chop button. While the Ninja goes to work you can clean up so that when it's done you can go and enjoy your fresh salsa.

If you like juice, this Ninja is definitely for you. unlike other juicers the Ninja uses the whole fruit or vegetable, with the extraction feature, to create a juice that is flavourful and still maintains the healthy fiber from the produce.  Fiber is something that a lot of people are missing from their diets, and a nice yummy juice might be the answer to getting that fiber, especially for kids.

Does the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ with Smooth Boost sound like it would fit into your life? Enter below for a chance to win one!

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