Olfactory Delights with Fragrance Outlet

As a lover of all things beauty related, a gorgeous scent is an absolute must to top off every look. I have a small arsenal of "go to" scents that are cheaper and more common,  but I do like to keep a selection of more expensive, less common perfumes for special occasions or a day when I'm feeling exceptionally good about how I look. A nice perfume just has a way of making you feel a little extra put together and lovely.

When I'm traveling and have a chance to visit a Fragrance Outlet store I don't pass up the opportunity. Perfumes and colognes can carry a pretty hefty price tag, so being able to save some cash is always welcome. Fragrance Outlet carries a wide selection of fragrances for both men and women, as well as a selection of fragrance products such as lotions, body sprays, and bath products. They also carry exclusive fragrances that you can't buy anywhere else. I always love checking out their exclusive products. I really like the idea of wearing a scent that I know a lot of people have never smelled before because it isn't common.

The closest Fragrance Outlet to me is over 90 miles away, so when I found out that they now offer a website, I was ecstatic. I don't have to wait until I'm traveling to replace an empty, or browse for something new. I can sit in the comfort of my own home and browse to my hearts content. The site has detailed information on the top notes, middle notes and base notes of each scent along with a description of the bottle.

After browsing the site, locating some of my favorites, and reading about some new fragrances, I settled on Bamboo Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Franck Olivier. This is an exclusive fragrance sold on the Fragrance Outlet website and in their stores. The website has the scent described as having:

    Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy
    Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia
    Base notes: Musk, cedar, and vetiver

I thought it sounded like it would be a very lovely and light scent. I was delighted to find that shipping is always free on all orders over $50, especially since when ordering perfume that isn't a hard number to hit. Fragrance Outlet has a great discount on their products, the perfume I selected has an MSRP of $89 but they sell it for $72. These savings are site wide. I didn't see a single item that wasn't priced lower than the MSRP. Right now they are running a summer sale and many items are available for 40% off.

Ordering was super easy and only took a few minutes. I received my package, via USPS, 4 days after ordering. They definitely didn't waste any time getting my order ready and getting it in the mail. I opened the outer box to find a smaller box and a small plastic zipper bag with 4 fragrance samples inside and a $5 Fragrance Outlet Bucks coupon towards my next purchase. Those were some nice little bonuses that I was not expecting.

The samples are a very nice .08 oz. deluxe sample size with atomizers, not the typical .02 oz. vials with little sticks. I was quite impressed by the samples. The coupon says on it that it's valid towards an in-store purchase, but it has a code on it so I jumped on the website and tried it out and it can be used online also. I tucked that away for future use.

 The larger outer box had paper to protect the contents, but the perfume was also protected in a smaller box and wrapped with a cute bow. This made me wish I had done the $4.95 gift wrapping so that I could give a review on that. Oh look, an excuse to make another purchase... The smaller box had tissue paper to help protect the perfume. They did a great job with the protective packing.

The perfume itself is a light pink color and comes in a very lovely flat bottle that features a bamboo stem relief in the back of the bottle. I love that this is 2.5 oz. Most perfumes are only 1 or 2 oz., so you really get your money worth with this one. The scent is very fresh, light, and airy. I'm very satisfied with this choice. The scent is light enough for spring and summer, but the musk and cedar notes ground it enough that it can also be worn in the fall and winter.

I'll definitely be visiting the Fragrance Outlet website again.