Last Minute Gift ideas from The Gift Card Shop + Giveaway

It can be difficult to get all of your holiday shopping done early especially with the already full lives that most of us lead. We can even find ourselves in a tough spot by forgetting to add someone to our Christmas gift giving list. Have no fear - digital gift cards can be sent from your mobile device and arrive within seconds. You can even surprise them Christmas morning after they think they are done unwrapping with one more gift sent to their phone or computer. Digital gift cards are usually sent the day of, or right before the big event and are considered the only gift you can send late and still have it arrive on time.

Significant innovation can be found with digital gift cards. Today’s digital world offers many new technologies to re-invent the digital gift card experience in a more meaningful and emotionally connective way. At you can send your digital gift card in a personalized greeting card, photobook or with a fun message from Santa!

If you have a few more days, then a physical gift card can be a great gift idea. Send in a personalized greeting card that is sure to make them smile. Gift cards are the most requested gift so you can feel great giving a gift they truly want. is a great resource for both physical and digital gift cards. The gift cards purchased through the site are sent to recipients via email or physical mail and can be used in-store or online. Digital customization is free and users are able to pull videos and photos from social media. Visit to try the technology. a Rafflecopter giveaway