SPRING has SPRUNG at KinderCare

KinderCare has sprung ahead with their awesome Spring Camp - The Secret Science of Dirt! Your child will enjoy 5 full days of Spring Break fun participating in
activities that give young learners a chance to dig into the science behind “growing green,” and create kids who are excited about the natural world. At the end of the camp week you will get a preview of their stellar line up of Summer Camps!

And, as you can see below, there is surely a Summer Camp that your child will love at KinderCare. They are offering 12 unique and fun camps for pre-school/pre-K, and school-age kids running from May through August:

  • Wilderness 101
  • Dig Ancient Egypt
  • Wild, Wild West
  • Scienterrific
  • Spectacular Sports
  • Animal Antics
  • Gross and Gooey Science
  • Kids' Kitchen
  • Sports Smarts
  • Art Expo
  • Splish Splash!
  • Feats of Science ™ K'NEX® Motion Machines

Now for my exciting news!

KinderCare has very generously offered to give one of my readers one full week of Spring or Summer Camp for FREE! That's right, one reader will be sending their kid to the camp of his or her choice for FREE. To enter this giveaway all that you need to do is comment on this blog post describing the funniest dirt-related incident your child has gotten into, and how you dealt with it. (Be sure to visit
KinderCare's website to make sure there is a location convenient to you first.) Contest ends Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST. Good luck!

Ace'sGirl, you won! I hope your little future paleontologist enjoys digging in the dirt at KinderCare!



  1. My funniest dirt related incident happened just the other day. My son took all my granddaughters mud pies and dumped them all on his head. Let's just say it was time for a good scrubbing down in the bath tub and an extra washing of his hair 4 times. :)

  2. My kids are always getting dirty one time my now 9 year old daughter was just 4 years old. she some how went out the back door and turned on the water hose we didnt have any grass just dirty well once the dirt was all wet and muddy my daughter jumped in and then walked into my house like nothing ever happened

  3. My son loves triple berry smoothies at the mall. WHen he was about 3 he asked for one. Usually I had an extra sippy cup for him because we could share one. Well I had forgotten the cup, and he threw a fit and refused to share. Needless to say he ended up covered in a thick purplish mess. When we got home I grabbed him and took him to the back yard where I stripped him donw and then got him in the bath. Meanwhile my husband came home and followed the trail of purple drips to the back and then through the house. He said it looked like there was Klingon blood everywhere. We had a great big laugh over that.

  4. My son is a future paleontologist. He is constantly looking looking down everywhere we go. It's not because he's sad. It's because he's exploring! Each night, he takes about two minutes per pocket to unload all the stuff he has found.

    Well on this particular occassion, he found this beautiful gold coin. He showed it to me while i was distracted by my youngest. Of course, you know how it is when you're pre-occupied, I simply responded "that's nice, you can keep it".

    I wish now that I had looked at it a little more closely because I found out exactly what it was when I pulled the clothes out of the wash.

    His beautiful little coin was an extremely messy chocolate coin. Yum yum...chocolate laundry anyone??

  5. When Haley was two years old, I had her playing outside at my mother's house. It has rain the previous day and there was this huge mud puddle in the back yard. She ran and jumped into that mud puddle!! It was such a mess!!


  6. My daughter pronounces dirt as "tert" sounds like she is saying turd.

    *for some reason I cannot log out of my husband's google account, so it says Sam, but my name is Courtney