nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Review

I received the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Serum Ultra Shine, and Intensive Hair Mask.  I must admit, I was skeptical when it came to a new line of products for my hair.  But, after using the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin products on my hair for two weeks, I could not be more pleased.  After washing and conditioning my hair with the Brazilian Keratin, it was so soft.  Softer than I have ever experienced.  I then used the Serum Ultra Shine. I was surprised at the shine it added to my dull hair.  Instead of the regular conditioner you can use the Intensive Hair Mask.  Just put it in your hair after shampooing and leave for ten to twenty minutes before rinsing.  It's recommended  use is every one to two weeks  I have never had such a positive experience with any line of hair care products until I used nuNaat's Brazilian Keratin products.

NuNAAT Brazilian Keratin products strengthens your hair and makes it more flexible.  These products can be used on a daily basis and no harsh chemicals are in this formula.  It contains an exclusive Green Keratin which stays in your hair and is more resistant to rinsing.  Green Keratin promotes vibrant and hydrated hair, giving your hair a natural and healthy shine.

From the product website:

  • Works with all hair types
  • Repairs cuticle damage
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers
  • Restores natural shine and softness
  • Seals hair cuticles
  • Reduces volume and frizz
  • Makes hair resilient and healthy
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free

These products can be purchased in store at select Walgreen's, WalMart, and other beauty supply stores and all Navarro Pharmacies.

Don't you want your hair to look vibrant and healthy?  Mine does after using NuNAAT's Brazilian Keratin products.

I received these products at no cost to review.  All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.


  1. bonnie holt4:45 PM

    I love Keratin. I have tried everything with keratin in it. I will have to look for this

  2. It sounds like those products work great for you! They sound like they are very effective.

  3. I would love to try these.

  4. I have heard this stuff is awesome!

  5. My sister uses something like this. Might even be the same one, not sure, but she swears by it!

  6. Good review, I want something that would give me volume of hair for i have thin hair.

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