Steam Machine by Home Right Giveaway

What Home Right says about the Steam Machine:

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove wallpaper? The SteamMachine is the absolute fastest and easiest way to remove wallpaper, plus its chemical free! Simply use the steam plate to apply steam and peel the paper away. Get the most out of this multi-purpose steamer by using the attachments to sanitize and clean floors, stovetops, ovens, bathrooms and grills. The SteamMachine leaves behind no chemical residue and kills 99% of all germs and bacteria.
Use the steam mop to sanitize your hard floor surfaces; such as tile, vinyl and linoleum. The high pressurized steam blasts the surface clean and the cleaning pad wipes the surface clean. The canister comes equipped with two wheels to move with the attached floor steam mop as you clean.
The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria. Its many uses include; kitchen counter tops, ovens, stovetops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills
What I think:

I love how much this machine can do! So far I have used it on our stove, our bathroom, our floors, and so much more! We have a lot of places in our house that have caked on dirt or grime that just will not come off! With the Steam Machine all I have to do is spray it down with the machine and wipe away the dirt. It makes cleaning those hard to reach places so much easier! 

Read the full review here.

You can find Home Right's Steam Machine on their website here.

What will you use the Steam machine to clean if you win?

Thanks to the wonderful people at Home Right, you have a chance to win your very own Steam Machine! Enter to win below!



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  2. My stove, my floors, all kinds of stuff.....

  3. I would clean all the nasty stuff in the house my mother in law never cleaned.

  4. I think I would be most excited to clean the floors!!! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!!!

  5. Id clean my bath tub and refridgerator. I have plenty to clean!

  6. Anonymous4:42 PM

    My stove, I hate cleaning my oven.

  7. My bathroom floor could certainly use a cleaning from this machine--maybe even the tiles on the bathroom walls! And the floor on my tiny kitchen--and you say the stove and refrigerator too--oh my--this sounds like a dream come true!! I am definitely going to check this out!!

  8. I would love to have one of this for our bathroom!

  9. Very interesting device, something that would help you keep things clean quickly.

  10. I need this on my stove. I have a hard time scrubbing it.

  11. I will need this to clean our bathroom and stove.

  12. on my kitchen floors under the cabinet overhang