Child Protect DNA Offer

This is a must have if you have a child. I urge all my readers to take advantage of this offer

A DNA profile which years ago was over $400 is now only $99.  But my readers will receive a limited time $50 off coupon by going to and using code USFamily50

  • ChildProtect by DNA is provided by DNA Diagnostics Center, the largest private DNA company in the world and #1 hospital recommended in the US
  • Over 800,000 children go missing every year!
  • Law enforcement agencies state the first 3 hours of a missing child’s search are the most important
  • A DNA profile is a Genetic Fingerprint and every person’s is unique
  • Every profile is signed by a PhD when it leaves the DDC laboratory
  • A DNA profile is used by police when they find an item (saliva) that contains traces of DNA. By having a DNA profile on hand, the police have something to compare against.  If there is no DNA profile, police need to collect DNA from the child’s home and send it to a laboratory to get the profile.
Time is of the essence if your child is missing.  I find this to be a valuable tool if your child should happen to be kidnapped, lost, or missing.

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  1. I have no children but if I did this almost sounds like something I would go for-except I'm not sure I would want my childs DNA where someone else could get it and cline it-not probable but possible.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I love all the things they are coming up with to help protect our kids.

  3. Thanks for the information. This is a good deal and something that is very important. I hate the fact that things like this have to be a product but no child is safe it seems.

  4. That is very helpful. this is a great way to protect our precious kids.

  5. This is a really good idea especially since there's so many creepy people out there!

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Interesting! I always hear/watch DNA's and stuffs in CSI and it amazes me the important of DNA. And it's great that you share news like this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is very important that every parents should have for their kids. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I would show this to my husband when he gets home tonight.