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Back-to-School Sale on Rec Specs Youth Sports Glasses Announced by ADS Sports Eyewear

Rec Specs Prescription Youth Sports Glasses and Goggles are receiving attention in a back- to-school sale put on by ADS Sports Eyewear. The sale offers big upfront savings on the first prescription order as well as a gift certificate that is valid towards a second pair. 

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 10, 2013

Rec Specs sport glasses and goggles are currently on sale at ADS Sports Eyewear to mark the beginning of a new school year. Rec Specs is a staple in the safety sports eyewear industry and has been for decades. Young athletes outgrow their glasses and prescriptions at a higher rate than adults do so parents are always looking for great savings when it comes time to upgrade. Rec Specs are great for all sports including baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and more. There is also a prescription ready swim goggle available from Rec Specs.

ADS Sports Eyewear is offering 15% off any Prescription Rec Specs order with a Free-Form digital lens. Free-Form digital lens surfacing technology provides the best possible vision with a significantly larger field of vision when compared to a standard prescription lens. The added peripheral vision of a free-form lens is crucial in enhancing a competitor’s performance. The free-form lenses are made of unbreakable polycarbonate or Trivex and can be clear, tinted, polarized, or even Transitions. ADS Sports Eyewear has also cut the price of the regular (non free-form) prescription lenses for select Rec Specs to only $39.00. These lenses are the same high quality, unbreakable lenses that they have put in their Rec Specs glasses for years. And there is no coupon code required to get this $39.00 price.

But wait...there’s more
Those who take advantage of this sale will also receive a $50 gift certificate towards their next prescription purchase, or a $25 gift certificate toward a non-prescription order. Gift Certificates are usable on any of the top brands sold by ADS Sports Eyewear. To take advantage of this limited time offer use coupon code: ‘Back2School’.

About ADS Sports Eyewear:
ADS Sports Eyewear is optician owned and operated in Dallas, TX by a knowledgeable staff that understands and uses prescription eyewear every day. Their website offers a wide selection of Rec Specs products and many models from other top brands. The staff can answer any questions about different model specifications and applications.

Disclosure: ADS Sports Eyewear will provide me with a discount toward product purchase in exchange for my blog post.



  1. I never heard of these before. I love how they cannot break because kids have the tendency to be harder on things and glasses are not cheap to begin with.

  2. Oh what a great idea! easy on the wallet if they don't break...

  3. Glasses that are made specifically for kids who are in sports is one very good idea!! Adults could also use these!!

  4. very cool i'm dreading getting son new glasses

  5. that would be a great idea for kids! thanks!

  6. How nice that it wouldn't break. I will check this out.

  7. this is probably what my little boy needs, although we still have to go see a doctor but i think he needs to wear glasses. will check this out.

  8. I have a son who loves outdoor so bad, i can't wait to see what kind of sports he might be interested in.

  9. My sister wants to get her eyes checked, and might want to see if she needs glasses .thanks for sharing.

  10. NO LENSES ARE UNBREAKABLE. being in the RX safety glasses industry for decades, we have seen both polycarbonate and trivex lenses fail. admittedly, trivex is superior in impact-resistance, but parents - DO NOT BUY INTO UNBREAKABLE LENSES. all lenses can break and scratch.