Trucker's Tool Giveaway

Sniffing4Savings was contacted to review the Truckers Friend tool and
said yes for various reasons. One of which is because my husbands
professional opinion as a truck-driver for many years would come in
handy. And also because we live and play in the woods, and I could see
the potential opportunities to test a tool like this! You can read the
complete review here,

  • Curved Axe (fully resharpen-able)
  • Hammer and Nail Puller
  • Spanner (for hose couplings)
  • Pry Bar and Lever
  • Tire Chain Hook
  • Wire Twist (for removing lightweight security seals)
  • Ice and Debris Remove
  • Cast Alloy Tool-Steel Blade and Shank (heat treated for extra strength)
  • Rust Resistant Matte Finish
  • Fiberglass Handle (non-conducting)
  • Shock Absorbing Power-grip
  • Backed by a ‘Hassle-Free’ Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Made in USA
  • The fact it sells at an affordable price for a tool that has so many uses and is made with quality in mind in the U.S.A, from the Innovation Factory, adds to its features! If you know a trucker, or a first time homeowner, put this on the list of gifts to give, they'll love it! This tool is not just for truckers, it should be in every man or woman's tool box! Purchase online at, retails approximately $59.95, right now Free Shipping Included! Follow on Facebook & Twitter
    Innovation Factory was good enough to offer one Truckers Friend for a GIVEAWAY!
    SPONSORED BY: Innovation Factory
    HOSTED BY Sniffing4Savings and CO-HOSTED BY a group of amazing bloggers!!
    Open to U.S. Residents 18+ Starts 8/18/13 11:00 P.M. EST Ending 9/1/10:00
    Winner will be notified by email used to enter, and will have 48 hrs. to respond or forfeit the prize
    Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of the sponsor, not Sniffing4Savings or the Co-Hosts of this giveaway!
    Enter Below & Good Luck!



  1. i would use this around the house n outside

  2. I would definitely use it when we go camping.

  3. my ex (who is still my best friend) is a trucker & he would love this!

  4. This looks mighty powerful and strong!
    Would want to have just in case

  5. Not sure I could handle this tool by myself-I tend to be a klutz--but it sure looks like it would come in handy!

  6. This is a great tool and can think of so many uses for it. Maybe having one will keep my husband in check! lol

  7. These would be a handy tool when camping or working outdoors.

  8. This would make a great gift for my husband. He would use this for tons of things, none of which I could guess or understand, but I know he would love it.

  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I used to work with all kinds of emergency rescue people, I bet they would love this.

  10. i have a less clue when it comes to that, but through your blog that helps me to understand and learn something.

  11. I think I could use that around the house and to protect my self in case. I sleep with my baseball bat right now when hubby is at work, an axe would be better.LOL

  12. I need this to trim and cut those trees in the yard.

  13. I love tools because I love doing #DIY . This is a great giveaway because the prize is worth winning for.

  14. It would be useful on the road.

  15. my husband does a lot of offroading and rock crawling, so we would use it offroad :)

  16. i would give it to a friend for christmas actually