Build A Bear Workshop Giveaway


I have always been a lover of Build-A-Bear Workshop and their website. I have been building all sorts of animals (I am a little embarrassed to admit I actually own 6 that are mine from when I was younger and I still have them all!) in their stores since I was a preteen. Since becoming a mom I have shared my love of this "Little Obsession" of mine with our boys and they have grown to love it just as much as I have and still do. So when I was given the opportunity to review one of their new little guys from their recently released Color Popz line I was for lack of a better word ecstatic. While we absolutely adored both Razzy Berry Kittie and Pizzazy Bear both of which are also in the Color Popz Line. I decided to put selfish wants aside on this one and get it for my littlest boy. I knew when I saw Jazzy Frog that he was the one for us! My youngest son has had an almost strange obsession with stuffed frogs since before he turned 2. I didn't tell him I was getting it for him before it got here. The day it got here I cut open the box and told him there was something inside for him. His little eyes glistened at the thought of something in a big box finally coming for him and not for mommy. He slowly opened the box and peered inside. He just kind of stared at it for a few minutes and he actually started to shake with excitement he pulled it out and hugged it close to him and just kept saying "rog, rog, rog" ( that is how he says frog. he is only 2 so we miss the F on a lot of words lol). Jazzy frog now christened "Roggie Rog" has become a true member of our family he eats with us, and sleeps next to Hunter every single night. We are really excited for the next time we get to go to the Build-A-Bear store so that Roggie (for short) can get a new outfit and maybe a new friend.  I love Build A bear and you will, too.

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The awesome people over at build-A-Bear have given me the oppurtunity to give away a $ 25 GC to Build-A-Bear work shop to use either in the store or online!
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  1. That build a bear frog is sooooo adorable. I can't wait to enter (:

  2. My Little Pony. Our girls love them!

  3. I would get the 1D one direction bear for my daughter she is in love with them