Lugz Black Kimi Boots Giveaway

Now that Fall is no longer just a dream, but instead a fast approaching reward for a long, hot Summer I can finally start reasonable thinking about all things cool weather related. Fall is my favorite season. I love the fall tastes and scents, but even more than that I love fall apparel.

I am the kind of girl who wears jeans all year long, which is torturous in the Summer. In cooler weather I look a little less out of place wearing them, and I can dress them up with so much more than t-shirts, tank tops and flip flops.

Layers, sweaters, and hoodies are my favorite looks, but they all come second to my obsession with boots. I adore boots. I would wear them year round if I could. Not only are the incredibly stylish, they are also cozy, or at least they should be.

The right pair of boots can take a plain old pair of jeans and a sweater and transform if from clothing to a fall ensemble. I

I want to be ready at the first hint of boot weather, so I had to act now. There are endless brands and styles to choose from, but I am not one to gamble with things like this. I know that it best to stick with what you know and love, so naturally, I went for Lugz.

I have never been anything less than thrilled with every single pair of Lugz I own, and neither has my husband, who is a lugz loyal as well.

Lugz has so many gorgeous styles of women's boots, but I instantly fell in love when I saw the Kimi Boots in Black. They are completely me.

These are so fierce. They have such a fabulous pattern. They are bold and exciting, but they are not overly flashy. They are neutral so they can go with everything. They are casual enough to go with even the plainest outfits, but are special enough to be dressy when desired. The texture and stud accents is just so fabulous.

Just as all Lugz do, these boots have the fabulous Lugz logo. I love how Lugz changes up their logo shape, design, material, etc. to compliment eat individual pair and make every one even more unique. On this pair it is on the back heel.

I like that it is big and bold enough to still stand out even with the other designs on these boots, and that is does not get overshadowed.

I love that the outside is suede. That is great ascetically and it ensures lasting quality. The inner lining is wool and acrylic and it is so plush. it is better than a slipper.

It is like walking on clouds. There is no pressure at all. Every step is ultra cushioned, and the whole experience of wearing these is luxurious. Coming from someone like myself who hates shoes and avoids them whenever possible, this is a very high compliment.

These are not just comfortable compared to other shoes, they are even better than going barefoot. The give you soft, fluffy support and they keep your feet so cozy without making them too hot(which is a huge issue for me).

They are roomy, but not overly wide. That makes them perfect to wear under pants or over them. That very important to me. I prefer to wear my boots over my pants most of the time so I can show them off since, as I said, I adore boots.

They look perfect over jeans. They look even better than I had hoped, I am so happy.

These will also be wonderful over my leggings with sweater dresses. I will wear them with everything. They just make every outfit look better, and my feet get to be pampered at the same time. It doesn't get any better than that.

I know that these boots will last way more than one season both with their wonderful style and their durability. I will be rocking these for many years to come. I have no worries of these going "out of style", but even if they do, I will still love them, and I will wear them proudly regardless.

Pay attention everyone, because just as quickly as boot weather is coming, the holidays are not far behind. If you are looking for great gift ideas for any woman on your list, these Kimi boots from Lugz would be perfect. With the amazing style and quality, not to mention 3 colors to choose from, you cannot go wrong with these beauties. I already have a pair, and if someone was to buy me another, It would be a dream come true. I guarantee these will be the recipients favorite gift.

And as a gift to all of you, Lugz and I are giving you all the chance to win a pair. One lucky winner will get their very own pair of Black Kimi boots. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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  1. I like the style...kinda of a kick back go with everything style. I could them worn with jeans or leggings and a skirt. Too cute!

  2. I like that you can wear them with anything and still be stylish.

  3. comfort and style in one

  4. I love how comfy lugz are !

  5. Those boots look so comfy!

  6. Anonymous8:10 AM

    They look modern but it seems like youve had them for years. They will go with alot of outfits too. My older daughter loves Lugz!
    Dawn Monroe

  7. I like the Sparkles on over!

  8. I like that they are so comfortable and stylish and my granddaughter loves this pair of boots with the sparkles on them.

  9. I love the gems on your boots. I always love style & pretty things on my boots plus they look ober comfy (:

  10. i love how comfy they look and can be worn with many things

  11. I love the beautiful sheen that they have! -Brandi Dawn

  12. That they are comfortable to wear.

  13. Honestly, I don't really like them. I prefer something with a bit of a heel or a wedge. I'm too short to walk around on something so flat! Having said that, I do NEED a pair of snuggly warm boots to keep my feet warm at work. My office only has heat on when I'm there, and it takes most of the day for the room to heat up, so I'm usually chattering my teeth and shivering at my desk. These boots do look like they would keep my toes from spending 4 hours completely numb! :)

  14. I like the look of these boots. Also, they seem to be safe to wear out in the bad weather.
    Michelle Tucker