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I think everyone needs to go to Build A Bear Workshop at least once in their lifetime.  You will love it!

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Giveaway & Review by: Beautiful Incentives

I might be an adult, but I still love stuffed animals. How can you not love the cute little creatures.  I think of my pets as stuffed animals come to life, only well they don't scratch the life out of you by accident. We like to cuddle the furry creatures. I store mine  in safe spots so they will last into the wee years of when I may pass them down.  It is also a lot of fun buying them as gifts for friends and their little ones. I don't think one ever grows out of toys or stuffed animals. We just label them adult words like "collectors items" ;)

I was overjoyed to review for Build a Bear, a company that enables you to build your own bear from scratch. Online or in store in their bear workshop. Its the perfect place to get high quality stuffed animals in a HUGE variety of characters adorned in unique customized outfits. You really have to see this place in person to gather how much of a treat it is. It's a great place to take your kids for their birthday. Kids always have a fun there.

 I only select the most beautiful and high quality animal figures that I know will stand the test of time. Taking one look at this My Little Pony edition, I knew it was great quality. The Princess Twilight Sparkle Build A Bear came primped up completely dressed from head to toe in her Princess ensemble. This is the Unicorn from the new My Little Pony series on television. I grew up always being obsessed with My Little Pony and even now really adore the new versions of them as much as the vintage style. This beauty came safely shipped in a little build a bear house. She is just so purty to look at don't you think?

I love the iridescent rainbow sparkle of the wings and the shoes and crown are so sparkly too. It's just one big beautiful sparkle fest. 

 The 16' My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle costs $25 alone. The outfit she is wearing consists of pieces all sold separately for a very affordable price. Here is what she is wearing.

  • Gold bow flats $7.50
  • Coronation Cape and Crown -2 piece $13.50
 If your child is a fan of the My little Pony show or just simply a fan of stuffed animals and pretty things. What little girl isn't? Then this needs to be waiting for her under the Christmas tree or Menorah this year or for her birthday, whichever comes first!

To find out more and keep up with promotions, visit their social media. They have a plethora of different animals to choose from and they're all just as adorable as this one!


Now for the Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a $25 Gift Card to Build a Bear! 
Good Luck! 
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  1. I'm not sure which I'd buy. I'd let my daughters pick which one they wanted they always have fun in there.

  2. My girls are crazy about My little ponies. They already have built a bear, so they would love to build a my little pony.

  3. My granddaughter likes My Little Pony!

  4. I'd probably try to steer my daughter to the My Little Pony winged unicorn, but ultimately the choice would be hers.

  5. The unicorn is adorable and my daughter loves them!

  6. I would let my son pick what one he would like for a cuddle buddy

  7. I would buy whatever one my daughter picked out ;)

  8. We would probably do this Lucky Kitty or the frog since we love cats and frogs here.. but if not I will let my granddaughter pick one out..

  9. Anonymous6:36 AM

    My girls like my little pony but they love spongebob so Im not sure which one they would choose.

  10. I know know. There are so many I like!!! The kitties are cute!

  11. I would let my son pick then probably get a darth vader outfit to go with it since he already has a jedi bear

  12. So many awesome stuffies to choose from. I think tops on are list would be Pengy and Pinky Penquin!

  13. I'm not sure. I would let my daughter choose.

  14. I want Rainbowdash. Our whole family loves her.