BENDASTIX Review & Giveaway

BENDASTIX Review and Giveaway! - Holiday Gift Guide!

Another great holiday gift has arrived to our blog! For as long as I can remember, if kids wanted to construct something they would stack plastic blocks, bricks or wooden sticks to make a bridge or building. Not anymore! BENDASTIX™ has come out with some amazing, creative kits for ages 6 and up! These kits have bendable, soft construction components that can be used to build cars, flowers, and kooky glasses --my step daughter's favorite! They even have enclosed instruction booklets for those who want to be extra creative and create something all their own by following the guide! The best part for parents? These creative kits are priced affordably from $6.99 to $19.99! They also require no glue or tape, so very little mess!
BENDASTIX has 5 new kits they are introducing this holiday season including...
· Braceletz
· Botz
· Budz
· Bandz
· Bowz

We had the chance to review the Braceletz, Bandz, and Bowz! Of course, my step daughter loved the girly ones, but the Budz and Botz are perfect for any little boy too!
Each kit had was designed to be open ended, which I love! As a Child Development major, I love that these kits are mostly open-ended projects for children to create what ever they want. It is important for children to express themselves how they feel, without having something "teacher/parent guided". With "teacher/parent guided" crafts, I feel like children are not able to enjoy what they have created because they feel like it is "wrong" or not like a modeled picture.
As you can see below, my step daughter had a blast with these kits! We created so many different bracelets and better yet, she thought to build these cute glasses, even though the box said "Braceletz". They were so adorable!

Love the BENDASTIX kits? You can win it here! One lucky winner will be able to win their choice of BENDASTIX kit from the list above! Enter using the rafflecopter below! Open to USA residents, 18+ years old. Terms & conditions apply, see rafflecopter for more details
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  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    I would choose the bandz or the bowz so my littlier girls could enjoy them.

  2. I would choose the the bandz

  3. I would choose the the bandz

  4. I would choose the Bandz or robots.

  5. I would choose the Bandz.

  6. I would choose the bowz one looks really cute!

  7. I'd choose the Budz. Thanks for the chance.

  8. The braceletz look good