John Paul Pet Products Giveaway

John Paul Pet!

I love my furbaby! So I want to give her the best I can!

So when it comes to bathing, I know I like to have the best of the best, so why should my pup have anything less?

Well there for awhile I could not find her anything that gave her a good bright shine on her deep color coat!

I have tried so many different brands and nothing worked. So then I found John Paul Pet!

I got to try the Ultra- Bright Pack (which includes Super Bright Shampoo. Instant Detangling Conditioning Spray,  Ear & eye pet wipes)

So let me tell you a little about each product!

Super Bright Shampoo!

Made with aloe vera gel, hydrolyzed oats, chamomille and sweet almond oil.

Now that you know what the product is and whats in it let me tell you what I think!

Does it give my pup a bright coat? Indeed it does! I was very impressed!

Is her coat soft? Almost as soft as a feather pillow!

Smell is fab also!

No-Rinse Conditioner!

This helps to detangle the pups hair.

I know some may look at Shelly (my pup) and think her hair is to short for this.

Well no not really! She did have knots when I first got her. (She is my rescue pup)

Does it work? Yes it helped out a lot!

And then the final touch the Eye and Ear wipes!
Some furbabies get those eye burgers (like Shelly does) 
This is the best product for just that! 
Also you can use this to clean the ear's! 
But I can say that she is not fond of that! 
Overall thought John Paul Pets is amazing!! 

Find them online! 

Now you can win your own set!


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  1. I'd really love to use the Eye and Ear wipes for my dog, it would be very useful!