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Technology seems to be taking over everything, little by little. It amazing me to think that when I was a kid(not that long ago) I wished for things like blocks, dolls and art supplies, bit everything is video games, cell phones and tablets.

It seems like times have changed so much. Some things never change though, and there is one type of gift that has been topping wish lists for decades, pets. The love of animals will never die, and even in the storm of technology, kids still crave a real companion. Both my children love animals, especially my daughter.

I know that she would love a(nother) pet, but having 2 wild kids and a mischievous cat, the last thing I need is another thing to chase. I do still want to get her a pet though. I decided on getting her a little pet, something that can be contained within it's own habitat, so it is easier on me and safer for the pet(she is likely to hurt one not in safety).

I was not exactly sure what I wanted to get her though. She and my son both love fish, so I thought that would be really good(and low maintenance), but you cannot actually pet a fish, so I am still unsure. I think a small furry pet like a gerbil might be a better way to go.

No matter what I get, it is going to need a place to live. My plan was to give her the animal's hoe for Christmas, then take her to the pet store to buy the animal. The thing is, that is not so easy if I don't know whether I need a gerbil home or a fish bowl. Or is it?

I got the BioBubble Premium, so I am covered no matter what we end adopting. The BioBubble Premium is the ultimate animal habitat.

BioBubble Premium is the ultimate animal habitat. It can be adapted for fish, small animals, reptiles even birds, butterflies or plants.

Now, I don't have to decide what pet to get her. She and my son can decide when we take them to the pet store. It can be spur of the moment. I think that will make them love the pet all the more. Being able to chose whatever they want(as long as it's small) will make them feel important.

 You can use it as the aquatics dome for fish(saltwater or freshwater) or turtles.

Not only does the bubble design provide a 360 degree viewing space, making it look incredible, but the BioBubble Premium has a patented sleeve technology, which allows you to remove the dome and clean it without disrupting the life inside.

The dome can be removed, cleaned and replaced without ever having to empty the water, and all you have to do is squeeze a latch on the side to perform this.

You can use the BioBubble Premium as a small animal habitat.

Small Animals
That is really awesome, because a lot of small animal habitats are pretty unsightly. This looks so sleek. I would even live in a house like that. I love that it is two stories, how unique.

It can be used as an expansive terrarium for reptiles.

Expansive Terrariums
I am not sure that a reptile is the best choice for our family, but it looks so cool that way, that I actually gave it some real thought. Down the line, we may have to get a snake.

It can become a cage for feathered friends.

Feathered Friends
I really like the idea of a bird. My son loves birds, so we may end up getting one even though it was not my initial intent. I would need a quite one though. Too much chatter would drive me a little crazy. There is too much noise around here as it is.

Then of course, for something even lower maintenance, there is always plants, flowers and insects.

Plants, Flowers and Insects
It's really awesome too, because I never even thought about butterflies until I realized that the BioBubble Premium could house them. I would LOVE to have butterflies, and I bet the kids would too. I think I would still have to get them a real pet too though, which means I'd need another BioBubble.

I think it is funny that I am already planning a second BioBubble when I have not actually used the first yet, so I am super excited. I just know how cool this unique little habitats are. I wish my home adapted so easily.

Te only drawback I have found with the BioBubble Premium is that instead of not really having ideas, I have way too many ideas. Luckily, I can leave the decision to the kids. As long as they are happy, I will be too. And with a gift like this, how could they not be.

I want to spread that joy, too. That is why I have selected BioBubble to be a part of Christmas Wishes. One of you lucky readers will win a BioBubble Premium of your own. AND another reader will win the second prize of a WonderBubbble.

WonderBubble Overview 

Enter below to win these amazing habitats, and visit the Christmas Wishes Event Page to see all the other amazing giveaways that are going on from Andrea's World and all the other participating blogs. There are tons of prizes to be won.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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