Nesco Automatic Bread Maker Giveaway | Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The holidays are all but here. As fast as Christmas is coming, Thanksgiving is sneaking up almost undetected. One thing Thanksgiving brings(here at least) is entertaining. From Thanksgiving, all the way until around New Year's there is always someone visiting, of a million things to do.

Because of that, finding, ways to make entertaining(and everyday family meals) easier, is essential. I love to cook. Well actually, I used to love to cook, back when I had time. Now with 2 kids running around, touching everything, asking for everything, trying to climb things, trying to get near the oven, the stove, the mixing bowls, the eggs or anything even close to the counter, it is just stressful.

Cooking every day dinners is hard enough. In fact, I often wait until I put my 2 year old to bed before I even start cooking (making for a late dinner). When having people over for Thanksgiving or the holidays though, I have to have the food done at a reasonable time, and there is so much to do, that I will be cooking the whole day

Thankfully, I have a few tools that will help ease some of the burden on me this year. If you remember a couple months back I reviewed an 18 Quart Roaster Oven form Nesco, which will be a life saver for cooking a perfect turkey while keeping my oven free. I just added a new Nesco secret weapon to my arsenal, the 12 Program Automatic Bread Maker.

This bread machine is awesome. I am a true bread lover. I would happily eat bread with every meal. The problem is that even aside form maniac children, I do not have the ability to make bread. I never have before at least. I just don't have the patience, and I am so scatterbrained that I would forget a step(or more than one). I could mix the dough, and I cold put bread in the oven, but all the rising and kneading is not for me.

I have considered other bread machines in the past, but many of them still require more effort than I was prepared to put forth, so I never took the leap. Since I know Nesco makes amazing products, I was very interested in learning about this machine. When I found out that it does ALL the work, I had to have it.

All you have to do, literally, is add the ingredients, and set the machine. It is so simple.

The kneading paddle is non-stick just like the pan, so you don't even have to remove it before baking(but you can if you want). I didn't and the bread was still perfect(a little dent will be seen though).

It has super clear settings. There is a different number for each function(type of bread or food), and it sets the perfect time to fit whatever you are doing, so there is no guesswork. You can even chose the loaf size(small, large) and crust color(light, medium, dark) and it sets itself perfectly. There is a bake feature, too, where you can set the cook time if you like.

You can even delay the baking for up to 13 hours, so that the bread will be done(hot and fresh) when you come home. It even stays set on "keep warm" for an hour after baking.

It also has a viewing window, which is awesome. It is so cool to watch the bread being mixed, rising and baking.

It's not easy to photograph though.

So far I have only made white bread, because my husband loved it so much the first time, that hat is the only one he asks for, but there are recipes for French Style bread, wheat bread, raisin bread and oat bread that I really need to try.

The white bread is delicious though.

It comes out soft and moist, but never soggy or undercooked. The crust actually gets crusty, without getting overdone. It is perfection, even if it looks a little unusual.

What I really love about this machine, is that it makes so much more than just bread. You can also make pasta dough, cake, desserts, and even jam. I am dying to try the jam, and am actually considering making some to gift this year.

And as great a gift as my jam is going to be, this amazing bread machine would be so much better, that is why I am giving you all the chance to win one as part of the Christmas Wishes Event. Enter below for your chance to be the lucky winner.

And go HERE to check out the Look Book and the Linky for this and all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways. I am partnered with 10 other wonderful bloggers for this event, and there are some really incredible prizes to be had. There will be new giveaways posted continually through Saturday, so be sure to keep checking back.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. that bread is done and not soggy or dry

  2. That it makes yummy bread!

  3. The fact that you can get truly fresh-baked bread without having to run to a local bakery at 4 am.

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love that you can delay the baking and that you just have to put the ingredients in and that it!

  5. I love that it has a window to where you can watch it!

  6. It makes more than bread I also like that the machine makes jam too.

  7. That the bread is done right! Mine is always over or under cooked :(

  8. I like that you can pick the loaf size and color of the crust.

  9. I love that it has a timer so you can have warm bread when you really want it.

  10. I love that you can use it for more than just bread!

  11. I like that it has a window and I can watch it while it cooks.

  12. I like that it will make cake ,jam and desserts.

  13. the delay option is my fave because I can set it to start baking the bread fresh for breakfast

  14. I like that you can delay it for up to 13 hours would be great to come home from work to fresh baked bread.

  15. That you can delay the start time.

  16. I love that it has a programmable timer on it.