Rockboard Scooter Giveaway | Holiday Gift Guide 2013

If you want to ROCK this Christmas for your child(ren), than you're in luck. I have just the thing to get you rolling(pun intended). The Rockboard Original Scooter is sure to make any child's Christmas one to remember.

The biggest asset of this scooter for me, as a parent, is that it folds up to a fairly compact size, making it easy to travel with and store.

Of course when trying to find gift that will blow your child away, the last thing you really consider is how it stores, so, of course, my real priority is whether my son would love it.

For those that are not familiar, my son is 6 years old, and he has autism. His autism makes it much harder for me to chose gifts for him. Most of his favorite things are electronic based(computers, tablets, video games, etc.). So whenever possible, I try to find him gifts that will be fun for him, but also promote him being active.

It is very challenging though, because I also worry about his safety. Even though he never plays outside without me right there, I still worry that he may fall or something on things like scooters. I figured he was old enough now though, and I am prepared. If he has a small fall, he will live. I used to fall all the time, and I finally realized that it is ok for kids(even my kids) to get little bumps and bruises along the way.

What I really love about the Rockboard though, is that although it can be used as a super awesome rock-board(where you rock to propel it), it can also be set as a regular scooter. That is really important to me. That way, my son can learn how to balance and steer without being overwhelmed with the rocking aspect right out of the gate.

Basically, this will be a gift that "grows" with him. Hot only can the height of the handlebars be adjusted, so it really can grow as he does, but as he masters the original scooter aspect, he can transition to a whole new experience with the Rock-board setting.

All you have to do to swit

I love that it has a hand brake, unlike most scooters.

That is also significant in reducing my concerns for his safety. Now I know he can stop himself without hurting his feet or legs. Such piece of mind from such a (seemingly) small feature. It also has a back break, which prevents it from rolling backwards, which is a huge plus.

Another small, but significant feature is the full grip. The entire standing surface is coarse sandpaper material, allowing for a flawless grip. I never have to worry about him slipping.

A good grip is really important, especially when you are rocking. Rocking can propel this scooter to up to 10 MPH. That is fast for a "toy".

This scooter really does move fast, but it glides so smoothly. Hubby and I tried it out, and it is amazing. If it performs that well with each of us grown adults on it, I can only imagine how nice the ride will be for my son. I know he is going to love it.

He is going to feel so grown up to get such  nice, "big boy" gift. And thanks to the handy dandy kick stand, it will remain a nice gift for months and years to come.

The kick stand glides into place easily and is very sturdy.

The whole scooter is very sturdy. It is made with an ultra strong steel box frame and front fork and a die cast aluminum deck. It can accommodate up to 200lbs, so this is even perfect for adults.

If you have a big kid(or a kid at heart) on your list this year, a Rockboard Original Scooter is sure to please. That is why we are including it in the Christmas Wishes Special and giving you all the chance to win one.

You can enter this giveaway below. You can also enter to win the Rockboard Original from some of the other bloggers in this event. You can enter at Momma Told Me, Keenly Kristen and Blessed Elements Create.

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*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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  1. 200lb weight limit all kids would be able to use it including(Father) the big kid teaching them.

  2. I love that fact that it folds up for easy traveling..

  3. I love that it will hold adults as well as children.

  4. It's foldable and portable.

  5. Wow what a great giveaway my son will love it

  6. I love that it would even be ok for adults to use

  7. I like the kickstand the most about the scooter. I hope that my child uses the kickstand rather than throwing the scooter down.

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I love that it has a hand brake and that it has a smooth ride

  9. I like that it has a handbrake and adjustable handle for different heights. And it is portable and not too heavy,

  10. I like that it is sturdy enough, so that adults can use it too!

  11. I like how it folds up. That is great!

  12. I like it that the rockboard scooter has the telescoping downpipe with height adjustment, as a growth adjustment for each kids length from chest to handle bar to lower or raise for safety so no lung and chest area is hurt incase of impact. Then the fun factor would be the step down rocking feature to make it go faster. thanks awesome giveaway and detailed review of how it works, never heard of this product before, thanks

  13. I like the sleek look and the color! -Brandi Dawn

  14. I like that this can be used as a regular scooter while the kids adjust to the learning curve of rocking.

  15. I LOVE how it folds!