SodaStream Giveaway | Holiday Gift Gude 2013

We cannot have a Christmas Wishes event without featuring one of the hottest products on the market. Soda Steam is a product that is topping many wish lists, and that is no surprise to me at all. Soda Stream is perfect for anyone who loves soda(or seltzer).

My husband and I are huge soda drinkers. We would go through eight to ten 12-packs a week. Storing all those 12-packs was a nightmare, even with 2 refrigerators. We would keep the extra ones in the trunk of the car or in a closet, it was stupid.

Not to mention all the cardboard and aluminum used for packaging that had to be recycled. That means even after we drank the soda, we were stuck with the "trash" all week until the recycling came, which took up even more space(which we are already short on).

Another thing I hated about buying the 12-packs, is it's harder to mix up the flavors. You don''t always know when you will be craving a certain flavor, but there is no way you can keep 40 12-packs on hand just in case. That also made entertaining harder, as there was not always something for everyone.

Last year, though, we changed all that. We got a Soda Stream Genesis, and it was a total 360. No more cans, or cardboard. No more limited selection and hoping your guests like what you have. That is because Soda Stream lets you make your very own soda, right in your kitchen, in just minutes.

This year we decided to upgrade to the new Soda Steam Source.

The Genesis is great, but this is just a bit more modern. I gave the Genesis to my very thankful sister, and she loves it.

The Source is so sleek looking. It looks great on my counter and fits easily under my cabinets. It does not take up much space, so I don't have to drag it out and put it away, it just sits on the ready. It gets used so much that putting it away would be pointless anyway.

The Source comes with this carbonating bottle. It is more curvy and "stylish" than the normal ones. I love the way it looks.

What I really love about the Source is how much simpler it is to use. Instead of screwing the bottle on, you simply hold it on there and push the whole thing back toward the machine.

As you push, it grips the bottle, and holds it perfectly in place.

Then to carbonate, you just hold down the "block" until the light reaches your desired fizz level.

I love that it will show how fizzy it is. That was the only "issue" I had with the Genesis model, you cannot actually see the fizz level, you just press and release until it buzzes a certain number of times. This is more precise. I love it.

Of course, the best part is actually making the soda. It is so much fun, but even better, it is delicious.

All the flavors taste amazing(most better than branded sodas), and there is a much larger selection of flavors available, and so much more than sodas. There are Kool-Aid flavors, Country Time, Crystal Light, and more, in addition to all of the Soda Stream flavors.

I had already been familiar with many of these incredible flavors, like the Root Beer, which has been my favorite from the first taste, but many of these are new and I just discovered them, like the Kool-Aid one above and the Half & Half and the Crystal Light, all of which are incredible.

Hubby's favorite is still the Cola Free, because it is the same as "Zero" colas, which is what we used to buy already. He is less adventurous with flavors than I a, which is what makes this so perfect for us. Now we can both have exactly what we want on hand at all times.

The Soda Stream makes entertaining so much easier too. I HATE Ginger Ale, so we never buy it. Of course, many people love it, and when we have guests, I would get asked for it all the time. Now I have a bottle of the Natural Ginger Ale Mix in the cupboard. It is much better than having to say we don't have any.

All of that is what makes Soda Stream such a great gift. Give the gift of style, innovation, flavor, convenience and even better health(Soda Steam mixes are better for you than soda). Soda Stream is perfect for almost anyone on your list. The College student, the newlyweds, the large family, the single friend, the grandma, whoever. Anyone who drinks any sparkling beverages will LOVE the Soda Stream.

That is why I am giving you all the chance to win one as part of the Christmas Wishes Event. One lucky winner will receive a Soda Stream Fountain Jet Starter Kit, with their choice of 3 syrups. Enter below for you chance to win.

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*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own. *

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  1. It's economically friendly as well as environmently friendly. And all the variety's of drinks you can make.

  2. I like that it could actually save us money with all the different sodas we buy each week

  3. we drink a ton of pop and juices in my house this would save me so much money, I love that you can make so many different combos

  4. I love how many different flavors that they have available now and the convenience to make it all in your own kitchen!! Thanks so much!