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Cover Your Hair Giveaway

Original review by Mom's Gone Bronson!

I stumbled across this great little shop online, which sells hair accessories and winter wear [like scarves and gloves] and wanted to share it with you to see if there is something you might like to treat yourself to now that you're not running around buying for everybody else!!

COVER YOU HAIR is the place to go for everything from banana clips to bandanas, barrettes to berets and everything in between!  I love the variety of the items offered to "cover your hair".

I was sent over a bandana, which you can see pictured, a hair clip, a set of 2 hair slides that look like flowers and a cute hate and glove set for my 2 year old daughter!

I love the little clips and fancies and they really add a pop of color and playfulness to the hair, whether your a child or an adult and keeps the hair back away from your face with a simple sweep and clip, which you can also see pictured.

The little red checked bow style clip is an absolute delight and gem. There is not that much I could usually say about a clip to really make it all that interesting but actually these are so cute and unique looking that I have had to show it to everyone since I got it! It is not very big, but big enough to give a little something to your look and I find it helps to use it to just clip away some stray hairs once a "do" is done and ready!

The bandana is very simple and right to the point, very pretty and soft and easy to tie up into the hair. These are available in various different designs but I do like a classic design and so I opted for the skull and crossbones for my inner pirate! Great for keeping your hair back without the need of a band or a tie!

The hat and gloves set is a real winner with my daughter, who usually won't wear a hat or anything much on her head, but which she pranced around in happily a few times since it arrived! The gloves match perfectly and the happy animal designs really give any child a sense of fun and play and these would make ideal gifts for any time of the year - especially now during this insane cold snap!

I love the quality of all of the items I received and am not at all disappointed! I love the feel and the boldness of the clips and the dash of reds make my hair that little bit more entertaining than most days and the bandana really just gives me a way to keep the hair out of the way without having to go to great lengths to style it!

The prices for each of these items start at just a few bucks and won't break the bank! My daughter will not take off her hat, she likes to wear it around the house and you can see how happy she is in the photo - perfect pairing for winter and she looks SO cute! This would make a great gift and I'm sure any child would LOVE one of the several animal hat and gloves sets or other hair accessories that Cover Your Hair has to offer, for children, HERE!

To find out more about Cover Your Hair, why not visit them on Facebook, Twitter and their website, HERE and see if something takes your fancy! While you're at it, how would you like to own a little treasure from their site, just for you? Well, you can!



I can't get enough of the cute accessories, pins, hats, scarfs, clips - everything for young and old, which is why I want to also, along with the good people over at Cover Your Hair, offer you a chance to win a $25 mystery gift box, right from Cover Your Hair, to you!

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is enter the rafflecopter, below! You can do as many or as few entries as you like - the more you enter, the more chance you have to win! Share, tweet, comment - all optional, but easy entries and waiting!!

Giveaway is open to the U.S, over 18's and will end on 01/14/14 at midnight!!

No participating blogger is responsible for prize fulfilment, this falls with Cover Your Hair.

Good Luck!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in this review, for free, in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and your views may differ! Thank you! 


  1. I like these Warm Crochet wide Headband in Black #28327 from Cover Your Head, also like it in white.

  2. I love wearing headbands, hats and hair accessories. I will definitely have to check this place out!

  3. Darn---this came a few days too late! My Mom has been looking for a winter hat for a long time but was having trouble because she really does have a small head--well we finally found one the other day at Burlington's--but I know she would have preferred one of these.

  4. My son would absolutely love that bandana. I need to check into this. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This company is great! Affordable prices and really cute stuff. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Very cool hair accessories

  7. I like their hair accessories selection. I just received the products I got from them and I love it.

  8. These are wonderful - I haven't really tried this as a hair accessory - I wonder what I'd look like - thanks for this giveaway!

  9. Anonymous10:04 PM

    These are beautiful I like all of them especially the scarf

  10. I love head accessories, I would love to win this!

  11. I have been wanting to start wear head accessories. Just got to get myself to tell myself I look good. HAHA! Thanks!

  12. Love the pirate bandana and your daughter is so cute with that bear hat :)

  13. With me getting used to my new hair, I need the experiment! Thanks for the review

  14. My daughter loves experimenting with her looks, so I know she'd like this site too!

  15. I need some fun stuff for my hair. I'm always wearing the same boring old scrunchies, lol. Love the shop!

  16. I have received products from Cover Your Hair in the past and I must had admit they have some awesome stuff. This site is perfect for me and my little girl!

  17. Those are really cute. I usually cover my hair sometimes at night, when I remember, with a silk scarf. Will have to check them out and see what they have that I want to get.

  18. ooh i love that hair clip! so very cute. Will check out their site!

  19. That little bow is way to cute! My daughter's would love one! Thanks for the giveaway!