Electronic Cigarettes

As people search for alternatives to smoking "traditional" cigarettes, the popularity of the E cigs or electronic cigarettes [with the provision of websites such as] has gradually increased and become a more socially-acceptable practice.
Part of the reason for the increased awareness of the e-cig comes from the nationwide idea that smoking traditionally [in public places at least] should be contained or banned altogether, which has lead for those wishing to continue to smoke in public places to find an alternative source for that enjoyment.
At their simplest, e-cigs are electronic devices that simulate the experience of smoking a regular cigarette but without the smoke, tar or need to light up, while continuing to provide the user with the nicotine that they may get from a regular cigarette.
The levels of nicotine used within a vaporizer pen or e-cig can be as high as, or lower than that found in a regular cigarette and can even be enjoyed with zero nicotine to give the user a sense of smoking in public, while continuing to socialize without having to step outside or to hide themselves away in a non-smoking facility.
The appeal of e cigs is constantly expanding and it isn't surprising when you realize that not only do you get to "smoke" in a way that is very familiar to you already, but there are so many different flavors available to combine with your liquid vape pens that it is very difficult to get bored with them - and very easy to expand to try something new.
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With flavors such as menthol (or a more traditional taste) it is simple to make the switch from a regular cigarette to an electronic one. However, with flavors such as grape, strawberry, mango, cherry (and more) similar to those found here at there really is something to suit everybody's taste and [with such an enormous variety] it becomes easy to see why the practice of vaping and smoking electronic cigarettes has become wildly popular and continues to grow.
E cigs are available singularly or in sets, as a disposable, reusable, refillable, or rechargeable and in several accommodating shapes, sizes and colors! Some even light up to imitate a lit cigarette as technology evolves and adapts to the elements that users of electronic cigarettes want to see [and feel] to enhance their enjoyment of a traditional method housed within the modern.
Personally I have smoked for a countless number of years and I have used electronic cigarettes more in the past year or so as I have become more aware of them. I personally like that I can "smoke" inside if I am out with my friends or frequenting a cafe for coffee without having to bother anybody sitting at the next table over and I do enjoy the lighter, fruitier flavors that I just can't find in a regular cigarette.
What I have found interesting about e cigs, personally, is that the cost is somewhat comparable to buying regular cigarettes but depending on the make, model and battery or flavors I buy, it can work out a little cheaper to use an e-cig through the course of the year instead and my clothes no longer smell of smoke, which is absolutely a plus. It really does make me feel as though I am smoking very similarly to how I used to before I discovered electronic cigarettes and I do quite enjoy them.
Flavors such as the Flavored Mist™ Strawberry Disposable are an example of the kind of electronic cigarette that you could pick up, use for a while and then discard if you didn't fancy committing to using an e cig for a prolonged period of time - this particular e cig will cost around $8 and lasts approximately 350 short puffs. When you are finished using this E-cig, you will dispose of it and pick up a new one in whatever the new flavor of choice is at the time and so on.
For the best kind of saving with e-cigs, it is sometimes more cost-effective to purchase a kit that can be re-charged and refilled over time, while the main housing of the piece remains the same. An example of one of these would be the Electronic Cigarette Express Kit Flip Top Box - Menthol.
Whichever method you choose to smoke, if you choose to smoke at all, is completely up to you, but with so many choices and options, electronic cigarettes are certainly an option that is on the rise and I will personally continue to indulge in them from time to time. Why not check them out, and gather some more information today?

I was compensated for this post.  Contents of this post are 100% my own opinion and may differ from yours. You must be 18+ to purchase electronic cigarettes.


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