Guitars and Repairs

String Instrument Repair, Production and Sales
Classical guitars, lutes, violins, Irish harps and an array of other string instruments are produced and repaired by luthiers every day. The luthier is an expert is dealing with the delicate pieces of wood and string that are traditionally held together by tension. These instruments are very sensitive, and they should be trusted to those who have trained their whole lives to care for them.

The Repairs

Repairs on string instruments are difficult because most people damage their instruments through overuse. The instruments have to be pieced back together carefully so they can be played again in the future. A luthier requires a large amount of time to make sure the instruments are stable after a repair. People should send their instruments without pretension, and players must understand that they need to wait to get their instrument back in playing shape.

The Productions

Productions of period instruments are needed to make sure that people are using the closest possible form of the instrument that was used centuries ago. Most of the people who use period instruments play them at special festivals or performances. The instruments are pitched in keys that were used in the old days, and the instruments are tuned to just or mean temperament depending on the age of the original instrument.

Special Instruments

Luthiers can build special instruments to the specifications of the customer. Customers often need instruments that will copy a specific one that was used by someone in the old days. Luthiers cannot copy all old instruments on their own, but they can take requests from their customers to make a special instrument that will not be copied again.

These same instruments can be repaired by the luthier if they ever fall into disrepair. Luthiers run full-service shops that can cater to the customers regardless of their needs. Some luthiers spend their days doing repairs for their customers. Other luthiers have time to produce special instruments, and the shop becomes a haven for people who enjoy playing and collecting stringed instruments. Visit a luthier before shopping anywhere else for something that comes with strings and produces a beautiful noise.

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