Wedgees Review

Wedgees is a unique product that you put on your glasses to keep them from slipping. I wear glasses and Wedgess sent me several different pairs of Wedgees to try out on my glasses.

I love these little things!  Not only do they keep my glasses my slipping, they alleviate the pain due to poor fitting.  I got glasses for the first time about a year ago and I have always felt like they never fit me properly until I got the Wedgees to try. Now, they are so much more comfortable to wear with  Wedgees on them.  

Wedgees are made of a soft neoprene and slip easily over the temple arms of your glasses to help hold them in place.  I have used them for the last few days and I am so impressed that I am not constantly adjusting my glasses because they have slipped.   

I was outside working vigorously in my yard and my glasses never slipped out of place.  Wedgees are also great for kids to use on their glasses.  They hold the glasses securely without straps,  so that the exact distance is maintained from eyes to glasses for proper focus.  

My favorite thing about Wedgees is the super hot pink color!  Some of you may laugh but I have a habit of taking off my glasses and forgetting where I put them.  I usually try to put them in the same place so that I can find them.  Well, with these hot pink Wedgees on them, they are so much easier to find.

Wedgees come in variety of colors and sizes. so they have a pair to fit your style and not be noticeable while wearing.


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