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Magic Bullet #HGG2014 #Giveaway

Reviewz & Newz is helping promote this giveaway for a Magic Bullet!

Who doesn't love fast and easy? I know in this household we do. The Magic Bullet gets the job done and it does it fast. Whether you are making a nice gazpacho or if you are making a margarita to rewind for the day you will get the job done without question. The promise is within ten seconds or less and it definitely passes that. The 17 piece box includes a high torque power base, 2 different blades, a tall and short cup, 2 shaker cups, 2 resealable stay fresh lids, four party mugs and a recipe book to get the show on the road. The kit includes everything you will need to entertain or to make a smoothie on the go in the morning.
I love having smoothies first thing in the morning it is an easy way to get all of the necessary nutrients you need into one small cup. With the Magic Bullet I can throw it all into the on the go cups blend it up and just take the cup with me. It is that easy.
Have you ever make a 6 second chicken salad? Or freshly grated cheese in under 10 seconds? I have and it is absolutely amazing. With the Magic Bullet you are able to get the freshest of flavors within seconds. The blades get the job done! Why spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars when you can buy this bad boy! It is AMAZING. It comes with tons of pieces to make it as proficient and amazing as possible and all of the recipes taste absolutely exceptional. An amazing recipe for smoothies that i've come up with that is perfect for the Magic Bullet is ½ a banana (did you know that you can just leave the other half and it will stay fresh), 4 strawberries, ¼ cup vanilla almond milk, 5 ice cubes and a handful of blueberries. Is pretty much heaven in a cup! Another great go to is different soups! Add ½ a carrot, a tomato, 1 stalk of celery, ½ a small onion, ¼ clove garlic, 1 cup hot water some basil and some italian seasoning. You will thank me later for that one! The magic bullet has become a staple in our kitchen for go to fast and easy meals! Being able to make anything we want  with one product is exceptional! I hate doing dishes and this product eliminates the need to do them because I am not bringing on the go cups with smoothes or needing several different pots for soup! We love it! 
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  1. make a strawberry margarita ty!

  2. April Ralene6:57 PM

    Good luck everyone :)

  3. kath g8:17 PM

    The first thing I'd make is a banana smoothie.


  5. I would make some homemade salsa!!

  6. Love my daughters ... would love to have it A!!

  7. I would love one of these, I have a protien shake daily after working out.

  8. christie lopanec5:00 PM

    make margaritas

  9. Athena S10:29 PM

    Make my daughter a Strawberry Smoothie

  10. i will jump up and down with joy!!! because i've had my eye on one of these for a long time! and then i would make my son a strawberry and banana smoothie, since those are his favorite.

  11. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I would jump up and down with excitement!

    Teresa McCluskey

  12. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I would make some homemade Salsa for the holidays Renee


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