Headleveler Pillow

Reviewz & Newz is happy to be a part of this epic event of giveaway!  You can win you very own Headleveler pillow!

As the classic song tells, "He sees you when you're sleeping" and he knows when you're awake, tossing and turning because you can't get comfortable on your horrible pillow. That is why good ol' St. Nick will be bringing Headlever Pillows to some very  lucky people this holiday season.

If you are not lucky enough to have St. Nick cover all your holiday gifting for you, that's okay, you can still make sure you give them a gift that they will truly love. Get them something that will be much more useful than another sweater they will never wear, fruit cake they will never eat or some other such gift that is nice, but not excellent.

While something that is practical may not seen like the dream gift, in this is case, it definitely is. Headleveler is not only a necessity, it is a luxury. How is it both? Well a pillow of some kind is basically a necessity if at all possible, but there are pillows and then there is Headleveler.

Not only is the Headleveler pillow extremely high quality, it is incredibly comfortable and intelligent enough to not only improve your sleep, but to ease pressure and stress to your neck and back, by giving you all the support you need without being to thick or firm to not allow natural positioning.

While not everyone has the same interests, everybody sleeps. Everyone needs restful sleep so that they can enjoy the other things they love. Most pillows are a gamble or a tradeoff. Finding something that is actually comfortable, supportive and high quality is nearly impossible, at least for me it is.

What makes Headleveler so special is that is is the world's only made to measure pillow. A pillow that is custom filled to accommodate your height, weight, body type and firmness preference. Since it is made just for you, you can be assured that you will get the best night's sleep of your life.

I am incredibly picky about my pillows. I don't like firm pillows, they make my head sit too high, which strains my neck upwards. Flat pillows give no support and my neck strains too much downwards. I need a full, fluffy pillow that allows my head to sink a bit but supports my neck. Finally, with Headleveler I have it.

I got one for both my husband and myself, and neither of us had ever slept more comfortably than we do on our Headlevelers. I was able to see exactly how unique these pillows are too, because we each have different heights, weights and firmness preferences, and I was able to see how those differences changed the pillows. His is a little thicker and much more dense than mine, and that's what he needs. I am just amazed by how accurately these pillows fit our needs.

Headleveler even makes children pillows, which is amazing because it is so hard to find a child's pillow at all, let alone a good one, and adult pillows are much too thick and wreak havoc on my little girl's neck. The Headleveler Junior Pillow has 2 options: Junior Small: 20-35 pounds and Junior Large: 35-50 pounds. I get her the Junior Large, and it is perfect.

The Junior Pillows even come with a custom-made pillow case. They are such high quality, and incredibly cute. I got the Green Butterfly case for my daughter's and it's beautiful. She loves it.

She is so proud that she has her own special pillow. She has had it for over a month and she still calls it "new pillow". She talks about it all the time. Any bedding that can make a child rave as if it was a new toy, is something special.

Since everyone is different though, I don't expect our wonderful experience to be the only thing you rely on. You need to try Headleveler for yourself. You will certainly not be sorry.

I am sure you will all be dreaming of owning a Headlever pillow, if you can even get to sleep on your current pillow. You are in luck, because sometimes dreams come true. Headleveler has be generous enough to offer a giveaway for you all. One lucky winner will receive 1 Standard Size Headlever pillow(custom filled to your specifications), valued at $82.95 and one winner will receive 1 Junior Pillow(Small or Large, winner's choice) with a choice of Junior Pillow Case, Valued at $63.90.

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  1. Not soft enough buts needs to be supportive also.

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    My pillow is flat and separated in the middle. -Michelle E

  3. Colette P.9:40 PM

    My pillow gets too flat and loses it's shape.

  4. April Ralene10:29 PM

    My pillow is way too flat, even folding it in half doesnt help :(

  5. I always wake up with a sore neck!

  6. i have to stack my pillows to sleep at an angle. i use about 4 pillows

  7. they always seem to end up flat and I like my head up a little bit

  8. My current pillow is lumpy and I am always trying to fold it, or move it to fill the lumps on the pillow.

  9. My current pillows are too flat.