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Save1 $100 Amazon


Happy Holidays from!

Get into the spirit of giving this season with all the fun of shopping online for necessities you need, or gifts you'd like to give. It's great to enjoy all the gift-giving going on at holiday parties with family, friends or coworkers, and still know you were able to "give back" while purchasing those special presents.

Shop and Do Good!

Get Coupons and offers from thousands of stores. Each time you use one, provides three meals for children in need.

Need to pick up some must have clothing, household or outdoor items with all these extra parties and visitors coming over for Christmas and New Years? Visit and buy with confidence knowing each deal you use on their site allows a child in need to receive 3 meals for a day. Giving back just got easy.
One deal feeds one child for one day.
When shopping online you can give back at the same time.



  1. To be quite honest I probably will not use the SAVE 1 site. Only cause I'm not much on buying on line. I might only buy online out side of Amazon 2 or 3 times a year.
    Plus its gong to take me a bit to figure this web site out.

  2. Oh the books I could buy with this giveaway winnings!!!

  3. Target free shipping, Kmart 10% game room items