EEZ-Y Selfie Stick Giveaway

EEZ-Y Selfie Stick Giveaway
Bonus Remote Shutter + Flexible Tripod

This is so much fun!!  EIGHT WINNERS in this giveaway!

 Record unforgettable experiences and memories!

Have you ever stopped a stranger and awkwardly asked "Can you please take a picture of us?" You don't have to do that anymore. The EEZ-Y Selfie Stick with Audio Cable Connectivity is your best choice when it comes to Photography using your Mobile Phone. Get the most amazing pictures while you travel, at parties or just when having a good time with your friends. It is easy to use and requires NO Charging, NO Bluetooth pairing or additional Software installation.

Capture all those great moments that matter to you!

Perfect for Travel, Photos, Video Diaries, Outdoor Activities and much more.
- Simple Plug and Play connectivity for a hassle-free shooting.
- Built-in Shutter Button for continuous shooting - sharper and steadier pictures and videos.
- Adjustable head with Pivoting Action - for multiple photo angles.
- The included phone adapters will hold your phone firm and secure.
Challenge your creativeness and bring your social media photos to a whole new level!

Best Deal ~ Bonuses Included!

EEZ-Y Flexible Tripod
- 5in long Tripod with flexible Wire Legs and Universal Camera mount.

EEZ-Y Wireless Remote Shutter
- Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
- The 33 feet wireless range makes it convenient for close- to mid-range shots where minimizing camera vibration is a concern and timing is an issue.



  1. I wanna win this for my daughter.

  2. I want to win it for myself because I am always capturing pictures of myself and family/friends. I would use this a lot going out all the time with friends and family gatherings and of course with me and my son!

  3. I'd like to win this for myself so that I can take photos that aren't shaky! My hands are always trembling due to medications I take.

  4. My son wants one of these really bad! So I would like to win it for him! Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win!

  5. i would love to win one from myself i want to record and take pictures because i like taking pictures and its easy for me

  6. My sister would love this!! Thanks for the chance!!