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Save Time By Having A #HoneyBakedEaster

I treasure the time I have with my family.  When it comes to preparing food for family gatherings, I tend to take the easy route.   Why, you ask?  Because, it is all about family to me.  HoneyBaked can help you spend less time in the kitchen and you have more time with your family!

Check out all the HoneyBaked store locations by clicking here. They have the MOST delicious hams you will ever put in your mouth.  Since 1957, HoneyBaked has been known for the most flavorful, moist and tender ham you will find anywhere.  It is finished with its sweet, crunch glaze.  Each HoneyBaked Ham is slow-smoked for more than twenty-four hours for unparalleled tenderness. Finally, each ham is hand-glazed in each store for an incredible taste that is second to NONE! It is spiral sliced an ready to serve and it is gluten free

 They also have a great selection of sides that you can heat and eat. And, don't forget the mouth watering desserts.  I chose this delicious carrot cake LOADED with pecans!   All I had to do was thaw and serve.

Right now, you can click HERE and get a coupon good for $5 off your purchase of $50 or more!  

HoneyBaked makes it easy for me to make fabulous meals for my family without sacrificing my valuable time.

If you are planning an Easter celebration, save yourself some time and stop by your nearest HoneyBaked Store and pick up all you need.  Sides and desserts vary by location. 

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  1. I'm swooning this looks so good - the carrot cake put it over the top. One huge worry off my mind - what to make!!!